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Internet Explorer 5 Tips and Tricks

Internet Explorer 5.0 Favorites Organization

One of the cool new features in Internet Explorer 5 is the new Favorites organization tools that have been designed in HTML.


The interface itself is neat and tidy, and it is controlled from Favorites | Organize Favorites. Here's where it all starts:

Here's a description of what they all mean:

  • Create Folder - Clicking here is a pretty obvious one. This will create a new folder for you in your favourites.
  • Delete - this option will either let you delete a whole folder, or simply delete a single favourite.
  • Rename - this lets you rename any of your folders or single favourites.
  • Move to Folder - Simply lets you move folders and favourites to different positions in the menu.

Now then, along the bottom of the menu are the newer options, here is what they do...Once you have selected a favourite or a folder that is.

  • Make Available Offline - Synchronize means that Internet Explorer 5 will download all of your favourites that you have selected to make sure you have the most up-to date information available to you.


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