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Internet Explorer 5 Tips and Tricks

Importing and Exporting

Microsoft has tried to make it easier for you to move from one browser (Netscape) to another, there is a new Import and Export Wizard accessed from the File/Import and Export... menu. The Wizard has four options: Import Favorites, Export Favorites, Import Cookies and Export Cookies. Choose one from the list and click the Next button. You then choose to import or export from an specific application - compatible applications, like Netscape Communicator, will be listed in the drop down menu. Select this option by clicking on radio button next to "Import from an application" (Assuming you have other applications that are supported) and then select the application from the drop down menu.

You can also choose a second option to import/export a specific file. This allows you to export your Favorites to a file (the default is one called bookmark.htm, which is the filename used by Navigator for storing its bookmarks - the equivalent of Favorites) on your drive. You can then, for example, give your bookmark file to another user who uses the Netscape browser on their machine. Likewise, cookies are exported to a file called cookie.txt, which is the filename used by Navigator. Obviously the Import functions work in similarly, but in reverse - you can import Favorites and Cookies either from the application directly or from a file.


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