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Source Editing In Outlook Express

One of the new features of Outlook Express 5.0 is the "Source Editing" panels you can now add to messages while you are writing.

How Add Source Editing To Outlook Express

  • Open up Outlook Express 5.0 and click on NEW MESSAGE.
  • Next make sure the message you are about to compose is in the HTML Format. You do this by clicking on FORMAT | RICH TEXT
  • Finally click on VIEW | SOURCE EDIT. You will then see a window like the one below

snap.gif (15427 bytes)
Editing Window

Editing The Source

  • If you are familiar with HTML, you can now easily add and edit the e-mail or newsgroup message you are sending and add almost any HTML, DHTML effects you like.
  • Click on SOURCE in the bottom menu and you will get a window like the one show below.

  • If you use FrontPage 98 - you would have already seen windows like this in use. You edit the source code (HTML) in the window above, then click on PREVIEW to see what the message will look like if you decide to send it.


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