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Windows 2000 - Tips & Tricks

Editing The Registry/Rules To Follow

Fiddling about in the Windows 2000 registry can be pretty dangerous to your PC's health to say the least. For a start you must remember that once you edit a registry key there is basically no turning back as neither registry editor in Windows 2000 has an undo feature.

Now then, what next? Well Windows 2000 comes with two registry editors for you to try to get to grips with, one is the good old Regedt32.exe and the other is regedit32.exe an older version of regedit. We will cover what these two do in a later tip but for now, here are a run down of rules we follow before making a registry edit, we recommend that you do the same.

  1. Back up the registry before performing an edit as there is always the risk of a mistake.

  2. Remember the keys you change just incase you would like to change them back to the original settings.

  3. If you are worried about a setting you are thinking of changing, the best thing to do is not to change it unless it is vital to do so.

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