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Windows 2000 - Tips & Tricks

Using wildcard characters

Asterisk (*)

You can use the asterisk as a substitute for zero or more characters. If you're looking for a file that you know starts with gloss but you can't remember the rest of the file name, type the following:


The Find dialog box will locate all files of any file type that begin with gloss including Glossary.txt, Glossary.doc, and Glossy.doc. To narrow the search to a specific type of file, type:


In this case, the Find dialog box will find all files that begin with gloss but have the file extension .doc, such as Glossary.doc and Glossy.doc.

Question Mark (?)

You can use the question mark as a substitute for a single character in a name. For example, if you typed gloss?.doc, the Find dialog box would locate the file Glossy.doc or Gloss1.doc but not Glossary.doc.


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