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Microsoft to Charge Mira Beta Testers

Written By: Bob Stein
Date: 20th March 2002
Sources: MSN/ActiveWin/Microsoft
ActiveWin Exclusive

Microsoft has sent an e-mail to beta testers Tuesday regarding the status of charging for hardware equipment which will be used for beta testing the new device. Unlike in the past where Beta Testers received free beta hardware, Microsoft has now outlined special pricing from the device manufacturer.  The charges are completely unrelated to the number of beta programs the tester is currently participating in or participated in during the past. Some testers are angry because this is not a matter of "willingness to participate" but now a matter of "affordability." Included below is the full letter Microsoft sent Beta Testers confirming the upcoming charges:

"Thank you for your interest in the Microsoft “Mira” Beta Program. At this time we are still in the process of selecting our final participants. However, we would like to provide you with more information about the requirements of this program, specifically in regards to hardware purchasing. Please read the following information carefully as it pertains to your participation in this beta program.

Hardware Requirements:

Host PC—You will need a PC with Windows XP Pro that is running Terminal
Server or Remote Desktop. This PC will be acting as your Mira Host. Wireless LAN – Wi-Fi 802.11b. Cisco Aironet 240/350 or Orinoco wireless Ethernet card. Mira client device hardware—DT Research, WebDT 380 Web Pad.

Device Highlights:
 Brilliant 8.4” TFT Active Matrix LCD at 800 x 600 SVGA resolution
Integrated touch screen display with “on screen” soft keyboard support
1 external CompactFlash™ slot
USB port, with printer, keyboard and mouse support
Full 16-bit audio with stereo; Headphone jack; built-in speaker and microphone
Cradle for charging and support
Quiet and reliable fan-less operation with no moving parts

For more information, please see

At this time we are unable to provide wireless devices for testing, but we
have worked out an agreement with the manufacturer to offer the DT380 at
$799 (cash/money order) or $825 for credit card purchases; that’s $350-$450
below the market price. This device is a fully supported, shipping device.
DT Research will provide hardware warranty against manufacturer defects for 1 year; will repair or replace defective devices at DTR's discretion. If selected to participate we will supply you with more detailed information on how to purchase. We are also investigating special pricing on Wireless LAN and Ethernet cards."

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