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Welcome to the Interviews Section. From here you will be able to read a number of interviews with various important people from around the industries we cover including Microsoft, Games and DVD's.

Interviewee Product Date Interviewed
Meg Whitman, Chief Executive Officer(CEO) HP October 16, 2013
Tony Scott, Chief Information Officer (CIO) Microsoft April 15, 2012
Rick Rashid, Senior Vice President Microsoft Research May 15, 2011
Mike Swanson, Director, PDC2008 Content Owner Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelism Group October 24, 2008
Larry Hryb: Director of Programming Xbox Live May 22, 2006
Steve Ballmer: Chief Executive Officer Microsoft January 9, 2006
Gretchen Ledgard: Staffing Programs Manager Microsoft Talent and Aquisition Nov 5, 2005
Sean O'Driscoll, Senior Director and Lori Moore, Corporate Vice President Microsoft MVP October 31, 2005
Robert Scoble: Technical Evangelist & Blogger Microsoft / Channel 9 October 20, 2005
Wendy Apperson: Product Manager Remote Keyboard for Windows XP Media Center Edition and
 Wireless Optical Desktop 5000
August 8, 2005
Josh Levine: Group Product Manager Windows Client Community Group (Hive.Net) June 13, 2005
Sean O'Driscoll: Global Director, PSS and Community Most Valuable Professional Program January 27, 2005
Dee Dee Walsh: Director of Communities, Windows Client Windows Marketplace January 25, 2005
Wes Miller: Program Manager: Windows Setup/Deployment Microsoft Windows Server November 17, 2004
Jim Allchin: Group Vice President Microsoft Platforms Group Sept 7, 2004
Larry Hryb: Director of Xbox Live Programming Xbox Live July 19, 2004
Steve Ballmer Chief Executive Officer June 17, 2004
Ken Fry: Design Group Director Microsoft Hardware May 8, 2004
Todd Greenberg: Lead Product Manager Microsoft Broadband Networking March 3, 2004
Melinda Graetz: Communications Manager Microsoft Hardware March 1, 2004
Office Team Office 2003 System February 19, 2004
Brooke Richardson: Product Manager MSN Premium February 17, 2004
Katie Jordan: Product Manager Microsoft Publisher 2003 February 11, 2004
Gary Alt, Editorial Director Microsoft Encarta January 22, 2004
Eric Gunnerson, Program Manager: Microsoft Visual C# .NET Microsoft .NET October 1, 2003
Christy Hughes, Mouse Product Marketing Manager Microsoft Hardware June 1, 2003
Jiang Li, Researcher/Project Leader Microsoft Portrait December 17, 2002
Steve Lombardi: Technical Product Manager Microsoft MapPoint Business Unit August 5, 2002
Lisa Gurry: Spokesperson MSN Music February 25, 2002
Katie Jordan: Product Manager Microsoft Publisher 2002 January 26, 2002
Tom Mereckis: Group Product Manager Microsoft Visio 2002 December 14, 2001
Adam Leader: Product Manager Microsoft TV Photo Viewer December 4, 2001
Nicole van Kaenel: Product Manager Microsoft Office XP November 15, 2001
Rik Temmink: Group Product Manager Microsoft Geography Products/MapPoint 2002 October 31, 2001
Tom Moran: Group Business Manager Microsoft Product Support Services April 18, 2001
Bruce Williams: Product Planner Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 April 2, 2001
John Dongelmans: SideWinder Evangelist Microsoft SideWinder GameVoice March 9, 2001
Michael Sklar: Senior Director of Consumer Electronics Business Development Seagate Hard Drive in Xbox February 9, 2001
TJ "PainGod" Warner: Producer Microsoft MechWarrior 4: Vengeance February 1, 2001
Derek Perez: NVIDIA Corporation Xbox January 7, 2001
Jeremy Clark: Product Manager Macromedia Flash 5 December 13, 2000
Charlie Peterson: Program Manager Microsoft Casino December 11, 2000
Jay Panek: Producer Microsoft Midtown Madness 2 November 14, 2000
Art Pettigrue: Product Manager Microsoft Windows Millennium (Me) November 10, 2000
Brett Bensen: Group Program Manager Microsoft Project 2000 October 26, 2000
Graham Palmer: Intel Corporation Pentium III 1/1.13 GHz and Pentium 4 October 23, 2000
Richard Seng: Product Manager Trend Micro PC-Cillin 2000 October 6th, 2000
Lance Delano: Lead Product Manager Microsoft Visio 2000 Professional September 25, 2000
Greg T. Street: Lead Designer Microsoft Age Of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion September 22, 2000
Angie Gulik: Product Manager Microsoft MapPoint 2001 September 19, 2000
Nicolas Coudière: Chief Product Manager Microsoft Windows Millennium (Me) September 13, 2000
Rod Fergusson: Program Manager Microsoft Train Simulator September 11, 2000
Christine Kerr: Product Manager Microsoft Mice August 28, 2000
Bill Venne: Mechanical Engineering Manager SideWinder Plug & Play Gamepad July 26, 2000
Allen McPheeter: Game Designer Baseball 2001 July 18, 2000
Scott Herrington: Lead Producer Asheron's Call June 28, 2000
Mike Groesch: SideWinder Group Program Manager Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel June 8, 2000
Robb Rinard: Designer Microsoft Motocross Madness 2 June 6, 2000


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