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Welcome to a relatively new feature here at ActiveWin. This lets you, the visitors submit questions about any problems/queries that you may have about Windows. Be it from a little icon that annoys you to hardware freezing your PC, we will try and help you out. You can submit your questions by e-mailing us at

Here are the questions posted on: 08-14-00

Follow-Up: Hi. I just recently contacted you about my problem and I've tried the solutions you gave me (listed below). Unfortunately, it didn't solve my problem. Anyways, here is a brief description of it. I am running Windows 98 and everytime I start/reboot my computer, a dialog called "Enter Windows Password" pops up. I entered my username and left the password field blank. The next time I booted up my computer, the dialogs still appears. Thanks very much. Simon

=====Solutions Suggested=====

Solution 1: To stop your computer from asking you for a username/password every time you start it, right click the "Network Neighborhood" icon on your desktop and click on "Properties." Then, under Primary Network Logon, choose Windows Logon. It should do the trick. - Chris

Solution 2: The password has been entered once in the past I feel. First check in control panel if you have created multiple users. If not then follow the advise below. In windows explorer, move the pwl file that corresponds to your username to another directory. Reboot your computer. You will be asked for username and password. Enter username if reqd, keep password blank and click OK. - Mean

Solution 1: I use TweakUI to get around that nasty startup logon screen. Just download the lastest TweakUI from and unzip it then right click on the .Inf file and choose install. Then go to your Control Panel and click on TweakUI. Choose the Top tab that reads "Logon" and check the box that reads "Automactically logon User" then click apply and reboot. Inside this utility you will find a host of mods you can make to your windows.Enjoy!. -Craig

Submitted By: Simon

Question: Hello, Ok usually I should answer others' questions, but here is my turn to ask a good one: you know guys that Windows Me introduces a new WIA architecture that makes digital cameras recognized as if it was an HD to easily see all the pics stored in it. Ok great. But the drivers support offered by Microsoft is really few and I can't find any drivers to use my Minolta Dimage EX1500 camera in Windows Me. So the question is/are:
-do I have to buy a new camera (that is listed in the WinMe supported list)?
-where I can find WIA drivers for my Minolta Camera?
-More generally are Digita enabled cameras ( working under Windows Me or not?
-Is there a third party drivers (even for an other digita cam) I can use to make my minolta camera recognized correctly by Windows Me? BTW I installed the Minolta Dimage V driver of Win Me and it doesn't support mine :-( Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Solution 1: Hi, I couldn't see anything about Windows ME on the Minolta website. I'd recommend a call to technical support to find out when they plan to release Windows ME drivers. -Adam Sowalsky

Submitted By: Julien JAY

Question: Doubling clicking a file in Windows explorer that does not already have an 'open with' association brings up the Open With box. At the bottom left corner of the box is the 'always use this program to open this type of file' box. Is there any way to reverse the selection once a program has been designated to 'always open with'? Where does the 'open with' box reside in explorer? I tried to use 'Find' to call it up and it isn't listed anywhere. Thank you

Solution 1: Go to the Control Panel and double click on "Folder Options."  Then click on the "File Types" tab and you should be able to change it from there. -Chris

Solution 2: If you are looking specifically for that open with box, hold down control and right-click on any file in windows explorer.  I believe this works for 95 and 98, maybe NT, and "open with" is an option that appears on the context menu upon right-click in explorer without holding down control in windows 2000. - Adam Sowalsky

Submitted By: Allan Down

Question: When I open Windows Explorer in WIndows2000, I would like to have all my drives displayed under My Computer. The default lists My Computer, My Network Places, Recycle Bin, My Documents with My Pictures as a sub-folder. Is this display be set to my preferences? 
Solution 1:
I do not know of any direct, clean, or pretty way to hide those items.  You might be able to hide them using some serious registry hacks or by creating a local security policy (in the administrative tools control panel).  Good luck.
-Adam Sowalsky

Submitted By: Chris Grady

Question: I am trying to set up a local Web Site on a Windows 2000 professional PC. I have installed IIS 5.0, but every time I try to access the default website using IE5, it tries to connect onto the internet via the modem. I have deleted the modem from the IE5 options but it still tries to get external data. This was not a problem with NT4.0, IIS4.0 and IE5. Can you help? Thanks,

Solution 1: Okay, first, what are you typing into your browser?  A local website can have 2-3 addresses, depending on your configuration. is the first address, http://localhost is the second, and then, if you have a hostname that your system doesn't check against a DNS, then that is the third.  If your system tries to connect on or local host, then something is seriously wrong.  What happens if you tell your computer to connect using the LAN (Control Panel|Internet options|Connection tab)? Hope this works. -Adam Sowalsky

Submitted By: Viv

Question: Hi there. Compliments on a great service!!! I have a problem - I just installed IE5.5: There is a 30-second delay for IE5.5 loading. In fact, when I open any internet file or E-Mail, it takes 30 seconds to be displayed. I never had this problem with IE5.01. My hard drive spins like crazy during this period. My friends have the same problem, and we seek your almighty solution to this headache of a problem. Thanks in advance for your reply. P.S. I have a PIII-600 w/ 256MB RAM. I just defragged and scan disked my Hard drive.

Solution 1: My only guess is that it could be scanning your cache and history.  Try deleting them and trying again.  It would be a shame if that is the answer, but if your browser does this, compounded with a virus shield scanning every file as it is accessed, that would account for 30 seconds of wait-time.  Also, do you have a dial-up or direct connection?  Either way, if your browser is set to look for a newer version of itself on browser load, that may also cause delays. -Adam Sowalsky

Solution 2: Hi Mehraj, What operating system is running on your system?
I assume that the 30 second delay happens when you run the first window of IE, how about a second and third, etc…? Does it happen too? Make sure you are not putting those IE cache files on a compressed folder/drive, it'll slow down the loading time of the browse files. If you use windows2000, leave the default swap file settings alone, theres no need for you to modify it, yes, it takes a lot of disk space for a system up to 256mb of memory, but your system should run pretty fast with that. -Bill

Submitted By: Mehraj

Question: I did a clean install of Windows 98 yesterday. I do not have a floppy drive, or any other type of removable disk drive, and the floppy is disabled in the computer's bios setup. However when I open Windows Explorer drive A: is still listed at the top. If I click on the machine locks up. There is no mention of it in device manager, so how do I get convince Windows that I don't have a floppy drive?
Asus P3B-F/PIII 450
Windows 98 SE
Creative DVD ROM (Secondary Master)
Ricoh CD-RW (SCSI)
IBM Deskstar Hard Drive (Primary Master)

Solution 1: Does a floppy controller show up in the device manager?  If so, try deleting it.  Then reboot.  If it doesn't appear as a plug-n-play (auto-installed on startup), try to add it using auto-detect.  If it doesn't add itself, you are in the clear.  If it does find a floppy controller, then double-check your bios.  If that is also fine, then there might be a jumper on the motherboard you may have forgotten about.  Good luck! -Adam Sowalsky

Solution 2: Hi, Every system requires a floppy drive! It can saves you a lot of time. If the BIOS disabled the floppy, windows should not list it in the device manager, (Floppy Disk controller) and if Windows explorer still displays it, then It is the nature of windows 2000 to have it always (by design).
If I removed my floppy from my notebook to use my second battery, windows explorer stills displays the icon as well, only when I try to click it, windows only prompt to insert a disk (I'm using windows 2000) no lock up occurs. -Bill

Submitted By: Kevin Risner

Question: I have a Telepath 56K Winmodem and Windows 2000, but I always connect at 33.6 bps! When I used Win 98 I was able to connect at higher speeds! What's wrong? Please don't tell me Win 2k doesn't support 56K modems!

Solution 1: It could be one of two possibilities. First off, Windows 2000 DOES support 56K modems.  However, you have a winmodem.  Just for your information, a winmodem is a software-based modem.  Traditional modems do all the modulation and demodulation at the hardware level.  Winmodems do it in the software; the thing you have plugged into your computer only gets that data and sends or transmits it through the phone jack.
Winmodems have weird levels of support within any NT environment.  I'd check with your modem manufacturer to see if they have an updated driver.  Or, you can look on the Telepath website to see.  Lastly, if the 56K is a v.90 system, the v.90 capabilities of your modem may have disappeared and need to be reinstalled under NT.  Remember, NT/2000 treats hardware much differently than in 95/98.  You should be using new drivers, and all of your hardware will work much better if they are using new drivers optimized exclusively for NT. -Adam Sowalsky

Solution 2: Hi, Winmodem is a software based 56K modem, if you want to optimize the speed within Windows2000, download the correct drivers for your modem (Latest) then you should be able to use it up to 56K. -Bill

Submitted By: Bill N.

Question: Normally I use Netscape but with the advent of Office 2k Pro I want to go back and use IE . Problem: I can only download updates from Microsoft and nowhere else. My security setting are all set to medium... Would you point me in a direction to look for the problem?

Solution 1: I'm not sure I understand your problem.  You want to use IE after using Netscape for a while.  But you only download updates from Microsoft?  Are you referring to the install program for IE?  That can be downloaded using Netscape.  Just head over to and download IE55.  It is active setup, so you will not be downloading the browser, but rather an install file which will download the parts you need/want/request. I think this solves your problem. To change security settings, go to tools|internet options|security, and change the allowable settings so you can download from anywhere. was that the issue specifically? What "updates" are you referring to? -Adam Sowalsky

Solution 2: Hi Ron, To Download the latest IE5.5, browse for an older news in activewin, they have some alternate links for you to download. (Make sure you are downloading the correct files for each windows) if you have Windows2000 don't download any other version, cause you wont be able to install it. -Bill

Submitted By: Ron Van Iorns

Question: Hi ASK AW, I can not browse my IE cache offline. The Files are all there in the ---- Temporary Internet Files Folder IE 5.1 or IE 5.5 History says ---- The Page Can Not Be Displayed When I try to open a file in my Temp. Internet Folder I get the same message, The Page Can Not Be Displayed I have tried everything I can think of, the only thing I can do is re-install my Backup containing IE 5, I then have no problem browsing. I suspect one of Microsoft's Updates is causing my problem, I have not yet found which one, I wonder if you can help,

Solution 1: You have a couple options.  There are some programs (freeware/shareware) that let you browse your cache.  These were around before MS built in this functionality, so they are more refined.  But if you want to keep to Windows, you might have an issue with the desktop.ini file that resides in the root of your temporary internet files directory.  If it is there, (back it up), delete it and try again.  If it is not there, ask someone to send you theirs.  Either way, that is likely the issue before you. -Adam Sowalsky

Solution 2: Roger, Some websites are connected through an active server which requires some info before it displays on your browser, some pages also connected through some secure connection and/or coded to automatically refreshed and thus cannot be displayed offline. To be able to view the pages offline, try the "Make available offline" feature which can be accessed from the add to favorites tools within IE5.x, or even saving the website to your local hard drive. For me I found neither of the solution is convenient enough for me, I use an alternate offline browser (Offline explorer from which allows you to save a website for offline viewing. It also integrates well with IE5, you can browse the website freely offline without limitation, except websites like hotmail or yahoo! Mail offourse.
Hope this will help, -Bill.

Submitted By: Roger

Question: I've just built a system: PIII733, 128MB RAM , video card is Visiontek Geforce2 GTS using driver Detonator 2. When I run the WinBench99 1.1 Direct Draw tests it crashes with a error message on DDraw.dll file. The same thing when I test Direct Draw from the DirectX setup 7.0a. Also when I run Video clips , MPG format with windows media player 6.01, the program crashes with the same error. I tried using older video drivers but still happening. Do I have to update Direct Draw and from where? Or what could be the problem ? Thank you.

Solution 1: Do any other programs cause this direct draw error?  If not, it might just be a bug in the benchmarking program.  Benchmarking programs get down and dirty with your hardware, so if they are poorly-written, it can cause driver crashes. -Adam Sowalsky

Solution 2: First, what OS is running on your new system? Win98 or Win2K? The error comes from the Direct X installation file, (DirectDraw in your case), I would recommend you to run the direct x diagnostic tools (do a search for dxdiag.exe, and create a new shortcut for your startmenu for future usage) run all test, and see if theres some errors detected. Reinstall/install the latest DirectX (Where you can download from and install the latest detonator for your GeForce.
Good Luck, -Bill

Submitted By: 

Question: I just installed Media Player version 7. When I play a CD, the graphic equalizer, balance control and bars and graphs do not work. The volume control, shuffle play, does work. I've tried deleting and reinstalling, no luck. I've looked through all of the options, settings, etc. Nothing I've tried works. CD's play beautifully on both my DVD and CD Rewriteable using this application, but balance, equalizer won't. Any ideas? Thanks

Solution 1: I would guess that the graphical aspect of the volume (e.g. volume graphs) are tied in directly with volume control.  The problem appears to be that MP7 does not have control over the volume.  If you have installed some other add-on mixer application, maybe from Creative or someone else, MP7 may not have the ability to override those settings.  Seems weird, but it is the only plausible answer I could come up with.  Try holding down shift when Windows starts so that none of the programs in the Startup group loads.  Does the problem still occur? -Adam Sowalsky

Solution 2: Hi Jan, Before we proceed, what kind of soundcard do you have installed in your system?, if you are sure that it's a newer soundcard with stereo control capabilities, you should have no problem using the balance control and the equalizer. Also make sure that you have the correct settings for your multimedia devices, make sure you are using the latest drivers available by downloading it from your vendor's website. Refer to <> , and see if you can find something closer to your problem. Good luck, -Bill

Submitted By: Jan Sershen

Question: Is it possible to change the initial splash-screen graphic for Windows 2000? I don't often start my machine from cold (got to love that hibernate feature), but when I do, I have a quick grumble about the terrible dithering on the logo and yearn for the ability to change it. Thanks if you can help, never mind if you can't. :)

Solution 1: Martin, the Logo is located in the file Logo.sys a hidden file. It can not be edited, but it can be disabled by editing the MsDos.sys file in the root directory unhide it, and uncheck the "read only' properties of the file and open it in notepad.. add the line Logo=0 to disable it click save and your in business...boot up will be a bit quicker too. Good Luck -Craig

Solution 2: I just realized the AskWindows web page had your answer...

Creating Custom Logos

Windows comes with 3 logos which is logo.sys in your root directory and logow.sys and logos.sys in your Windows directory. Although it is stamped as a system file, it is actually in a graphic format. Open it with your image editing program. The size should be 320x400. Scale it to 640x480. After editing, scale it back to 320x400. The files only support 256 colors so be more lenient on the colors. If you really can't find the files, chances are Windows is actually using the default one from Io.sys. Never mind that, you can create them and with the same names.
For more tips please go to...
Good Luck

Solution 3: Hi Martin, I'm searching for a way to do the same thing to my windows. If you are talking about a simple graphic replacement just like Windows9x, the answer is no, if you are talking about digging into dlls and exes in the system folder, the answer is yes, however it requires a program that can dig that deep and the capability to hack the splash for us, there is no single program that can do that today. -Bill

Submitted By: Martin

Question: Is there any way I can customize the icons on the explorer bar? I have version I.E..5.0 I am really tired of looking at the same old icons!

Solution 1: I do not think so. -Mean

Solution 2: Dear Patricia, I have used a program called E-Icons 98, back when it was Freeware, it can change the Icons of folders, Desktop etc. But I have not found a way to change the icons in Explorer or IE or Outlook express. E Icons 98 can be downloaded at their website... this version is shareware, an older version I have was freeware. Good Luck -Craig

Solution 3: Dear Patricia, There are some shareware tools that will customizes the folder looks in Windows, ome of the best that I knew was Icon Packager (, if you prefer a free but less productivity options, you can try icon forge, where you can find here: A more advanced and expensive tools is Microangelo, the only tools I trust on folder and icon customization. ( Good Luck. Bill

Submitted By: Patricia Ann

Question: HI, I am a basic user who just purchased a new system that came with Win 98 second edition.  Since I have gotten it on many sites on the internet (including yours) I am continually harassed by a runtime error which asks me if I want to debug.  I went to Microsoft web site and they said I needed to remove an apostrophe from the web page causing the problem.  I have no idea what they are talking about.  Is there any way I can get rid of this message? Thanks for any help.

Solution 1: In IE, Go to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced tab and in the browsing category, check the box for Disable script debugging. -Mean

Submitted By: Richard Spitz

Question: Hello, Perhaps you can help me. The Windows 98 OPEN and EXPLORE options are grayed out on a right click to the start button in Windows 98. It was working but suddenly about a month ago this option became unavailable. How do I fix this problem?

Solution 1: I'm completely stumped, but are you logged into Windows as a method of preserving your user preferences, or are you the default user.  For instance, when Windows loads, are you prompted for a password?  If not, maybe you should try enabling Dial-up networking, typing a password at login (creating an account for yourself) and seeing if that helps.  If you are prompted, but hit cancel, try typing a password and seeing if that helps.  If you are typing a password, try hitting cancel or creating a new account and see if the problem still persists. I'm not guaranteeing a solution, but the only thought that popped into my mind is that the user profiling system got messed up and this is a way to fix an issue with an existing account. -Adam Sowalsky

Solution 2: Hi Greg, If you have tweakui installed, check all drives in the "My Computer" Tab in tweakui, the greyed items should be enabled then. -Bill

Submitted By: Greg Bohemier

Question: Hi! I wonder why (after selecting Windows 2000 from the dual boot menu) Win 2000 hangs in the middle of the boot process, actually when the background appears (still with no icons), nothing further happens until I reset the machine. When machine is reset only, not started with the button (electricity), it boots normally. Also, Windows 98 boot normally if I select Win 98 from the boot menu. Selecting first Win 98 and then restarting machine into Win 2000 works fine. Could this be a hardware problem ? I have PIII 450 MHz, 256 RAM, QDI BrillanX-1S BX chipset motherboard;

Solution 1: Dusan, You didn't mention what soundcard you have installed. I had the same trouble with my Daulboot setup, but found that only after updating my drivers from the "default" to the "latest (at the time) Creative Labs SBlive Liveware that my system would hand on the startup .wav prior to playing it!. Might be worth checking into. After going back to the default "reference" drivers from the cd, this problem magically vanished! good luck -Craig

Submitted By: Dusan, Slovenia

Question: I have previously imported into Windows 2000 (from my old Win 98 installation) my address book (*.wab file). Afterwards I have lost my original one and the only one I have is the one in Windows 2000 Address Book folder. I have afterwards re-installed Windows 98 so now I can selectively dual boot, but my address book (now the one in Win2000) cannot be imported into Windows 98. Is there a way to get the data from my Windows 2000 Address Book back into Windows 98 Address Book ?  Thank you.

Solution 1: In Windows 2000, the default .wab file location is C:\Document and Settings\User Name\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\***.Wab and in win98 it is C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\AddrBook.wab....since you have current access to both do the following. Open the address book in win2000, under File on the Toolbar, Click export, the address book. From there, Name is "current.wab" or whatever and save it in My documents etc. Then back in Win98 address book its is the reverse... File/Import/Address book..look in C:/My documents and click on "current.wab" and it will "import" the data from it. Easy enough? Same process in Internet Explorer for Favorites(saved as Bookmark.html) and cookies(saved as cookies.txt) too! Good Luck -Craig

Submitted By: Dusan, Slovenia

Question: The Hardware Compatibility List on Microsoft's Web Site States that the HP Pavilion PC Model 6634 is compatible with Win2000. When I run the Hardware Test Program that Microsoft provides for download from their website, it says some programs aren't compatible. Does this mean there will be errors in Windows or just those programs when I upgrade to Windows 2000? My computer has Windows 98 SE, 15 GB Hard Drive, 4x4x32 CD-RW Drive, HP DeskJet 612C, 64 MB RAM. Thanks

Solution 1: Dear Robert, I had installed Win2000 on my system back in March. By running the Upgrade Readiness Analyzer prior to upgrading, you will generate in your root directory (c:/) a text file called upgrade.txt. In this file you will get a readout of the possible hardware incompatibilities and software that won't run under win2000. There will also be a list of programs that May run poorly as well. I found some that were said to not run properly did in fact run just fine. First, prior to upgrading, I would download all the latest drivers of your soundcard,Videocard,modem them in a default folder you create for future convenience. I store all mine in C:/Drivers. then Video,Sound,Netcard..etc Then as new drivers are released you can always go back to a prior version driver If need be. For example on my system, I found the "default" win2000 drivers for the Creative Labs Sblive Value card to be more stable then the "latest" Liveware offered by their website. Since then they have updated them so maybe they are "fixed".
Anyway, back to your software, since Win2000 has no real mode DOS as does Millennium at this point, many programs that use Dos emulation or need to add configs to config.sys and Autoexec.bat files won't run. These 2 files in Win2000 are BLANK and not used. However any program that ran under NT4 usually runs fine under 2000. Check your program cd's, many will say that they run under 98 AND NT4...In the Upgrade.txt file you will get a fairly reliable list of which programs need to be updated or replaced. To make things more confusing, some programs on install will give you a error message on setup that it won't run properly under this "enhanced" version of windows when in fact it will. I know many system utilities like Mcaffee Office won't run (Nuts and Bolts, Virus Checker etc) However, after all said and done...I would highly recommend the leap because provided your not an avid gamer the additional stability, security and ease of customization make it truly the best windows yet. let me know your own personal findings.

Solution 2: HCL is updated all the time, if the HCL has your peripherals on list, means that the driver is available. Download all related drivers for your system (Make sure everything is ready) and clean install windows2000 if you are sure what you are doing, even if your system is win2k ready, doesn't mean that the program does, check whether your programs has the update/patch for win2k, and if everything is ready, you have the green light to install win2k.
PS:The windows 2000 cd has some great resources on tools for upgrading, explore it. -Bill

Submitted By: Robert

Question: Hello Activewin, I love your website. Here is my problem... I recently found out that I haven't had DMA turned on for my hard drive for the past two years (I'm new to computers). I checked my motherboard specs, and my hard drive specs, and I read that DMA is supported. I have a 433 celeron, 128 megs ram, AL440LX Intel board, and Quantum Bigfoot CY 6.4 gig hd. I turn on DMA, reboot, and everything seems good. I benchmarked my hd before and after turning on DMA, using HD Tach, and my performance was improved using DMA (6000kps read speed with DMA, 3900kps without, 6.0mbs hd bandwith with DMA, 4.7mbs without. But, to my dismay, I noticed that my computer keeps stalling with DMA on. Frequently, if I am using multiple programs, it will freeze up for like 5 seconds or more, and I cant do any actions, my cursor wont move. Another example is when I install a game, it'll pause like that every 15 seconds or so, and wont accept any input, cant even move my cursor. When I turn off DMA, my computer functions fine. At this point I am keep DMA off, because the pauses are way too frequent. Perhaps there is some setting that I am missing? Id love to get the most out of my hard drive, any advice that could help me remedy my situation would be greatly appreciated.

Solution 1: Make sure that all drives attached on the primary IDE slot of the motherboard supports the DMA mode: indeed if one doesn't support it may causes the problem you encounter. If your CD-Rom is attached to the primary IDE connector then unplug it and connect it to the secondary IDE connector. Also make sure your CD drive is UDMA compliant and check the appropriate checkbox if so in the device manager of Windows. -Julien

Solution 2: Try downloading the latest ATA Driver from, or your hard drive vendor, and explore your motherboard/hard drive resource CD ROM. If you are sure that your HD support UDMA66, make sure that your Motherboard (Bios) Supports it. Early Inter 440BX has some known problems with UDMA for HD, go to your motherboard website or for more infos. -Bill

Submitted By: Jesse

Question: How can I turn off that annoying menu delay (right mouse click on document) in IE 5.5 installed on Win2k. Changing HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\MenyShowDelay in regedit doesn't effect IE.
Pozdrav / Regards

Solution 1: I'd suggest you to download System Mechanic 3.5c from Iolo technologies ( and try the Customize Windows settings applet. It works with Windows 2000. -Julien JAY

Solution 2: IE5 context menu is based on VBScript, to make it faster, you should remove some unnecessary items. If you don’t have any additional addon installed the delay should caused by your system settings, try removing any unused application from the startup group or services, leaving more memory to run your browser without swapping. -Bill

Submitted By: Marko Rosic

Question: Hello. I do not have the checkboxes for DMA for either my hard drive or my DVD. I could have sworn that they were there at one time. Plus, my DVD drive is the exact same model as the one shown in the example: There is just no DMA checkbox as the one above. My computer is fairly new so I'm pretty sure that my hard drive also supports DMA. Thank you.

Solution 1: Hello, Your issue seems to be a known behaviour. I haven't got enough details to be sure that it's true in your case but the unavailability of the DMA checkboxes in the device manager of Windows 9x is often due to the fact you (or your manufacturer) have installed the Intel DMA drivers set. Regards, -Julien JAY

Solution 2: You didn't mention if you had a SCSI device installed like a Promise 66 card etc, but assuming* that you do not... there is a great article here explaining the tweak to Mshdc.inf  at.. If you Do have a SCSI device, the DMA box will be shaded out.. - Craig Catapano

Solution 3: What OS are you running? Make sure you enable the DMA channel from the CMOS settings, read your DVD and motherboard manual for more info on this. In windows 2000 the check boxes in replaced with a drop down menu options, choose "DMA if available' to activate the DMA feature. If you cant see the check box under windows98's device manager, remove your existing device, and reinstall it again after restarting, if your dvd provides it's own driver, install it to replace the one that comes with windows, then, try to check the dma settings after everything is done, if there's still no checkbox yet, your dvd simply doesn't support DMA. -Bill

Submitted By: Allen Sy

Question: Dear Activewin experts: I have a problem downloading multi-files with my browser. The site where I want to download from does not support Getright or other resuming programs, so I have to open Internet Explore and download directly; unfortunately, IE only allows to download max. 2 files at a time. Can you tell me how can I crack the registry and download more files at a time?
Thanks for the helping.

Solution 1: Lawrence, The IE download limitations is due to the bandwidth of your current dialup connection. There's no way to crack the registry, etc. If IE doesn't want to download more than two files at the same time it else comes from the web server that doesn't support massive download or from your internet connection bandwidth. Regards, -Julien JAY

Solution 2: Dear Lawrence, Yes there is a "tweak" that breaks the HTTP specification but if you like try this..

In Windows 2000:

1. Open Regedit (Start-->Run--> and type 'regedit' [without quotes] )

2. Navigate to the following folder:

3. Find the keys that say:

4. Change the value of both keys to some higher number

In Windows 9.x

1. Open Regedit (Start-->Run--> and type 'regedit' [without quotes] )

2. Navigate to the following folder:

3. Create the following "DWORD" :

4. Set the value to any high number (the default is 2)

5. Creat the following "DWORD"

6.Set the value to any high number as well (the default is 4)

For More info....   - Craig Catapano

Solution 3: Hi, Lawrence,Try opening a new window to download from the links, if the limits applies only to an active/opened windows, it should be no problem to download from a new window. If there is a 2 file download limit, it should be the website that is limiting not the browser.
PS: Online disk space provider does have limits on downloading its files. -Bill

Submitted By: Lawrence. L

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