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  So how do you contact help for hotmail anyway?
Time: 01:33 EST/06:33 GMT | News Source: Blog | Posted By: Kenneth van Surksum

If you cannot find the answer to your problem through Help, e-mail for support at the following e-mail address: (

Microsoft makes every effort to answer e-mail support requests within 24 business hours. Virtually all solutions to Hotmail support needs can be found in Help.

Oh Cool.. let me send an email to I'm trying to figure out an issue with a hotmail account.


Thank you for sending an e-mail message to However, this is not a monitored e-mail address.
Okay... but you said up above that it was? Sign in to your Hotmail account and click "Help" for the most up-to-date information on this issue as well as recent customer questions. If you need more assistance, you can contact us through Help, and we'll respond within one business day.

Having problems signing in? If you need to retrieve or reset your password, add or update your alternate e-mail address, or change your secret question, go to:

Click "Help" for the most up-to-date information on each of these tasks.

NOTE: You will need to provide the same answers to the account profile questions as you entered when you signed up for your Hotmail account. You will also need to provide the same answer to your secret question that you created during the sign-up process.

Note: We recommend you change your Secret Question and Answer when you update your password. This improves the security on your account.Your secret question allows only you to retrieve your password online if you ever forget it. If you are using a non-English version of Hotmail, your password, like your sign-in name, must be typed in Standard English-based text.

Warning: To help protect your personal information, a Hotmail employee will never ask you for your current password, either by phone or e-mail. Hotmail requires your password only when you sign in to your account and even then, your password is not displayed on screen. If you receive a message that asks for your current password, please forward it to immediately and do not respond to the message. Never share your password or secret question and answer with anyone else. And change your password and secret question regularly to increase the security of your account.

>>For help with other MSN products or services, go to
Please note that you will not receive a reply if you respond directly to this message.
Okay let's try it from the Hotmail account directly

Thank you for sending an e-mail message to However, this is not a monitored e-mail address........

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#1 By MR2 (29 Posts) at 1/10/2008 7:30:53 AM
What bunch of Id10T's

#2 By Winux (95 Posts) at 1/11/2008 3:43:31 PM
This is like the documentation CD you recieve with your new CD/DVD drive for your computer.

And the quick install says: "Need help installing your CD drive, please see the documentation on the CD for assistance".

Great.............. :/

#3 By jtbworld (1 Posts) at 1/12/2008 10:59:54 AM
Here is how to get email support for all Windows Live products

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