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Download DirectX 8.0a SDK - Win 95

DirectX 8.0a SDK

The DirectX® 8.0a SDK contains the tools needed to build cutting-edge applications and includes the run-time, headers and libs, sample executables, sample source, documentation, DirectX utilities, and support for both C++ and Visual Basic® development. This SDK release also contains the DirectX 8.0a runtime release. DirectX 8.0a runtime contains updates for issues with international installs on Windows 2000 and issues where input devices could have buttons disabled that were enabled with previous DirectX releases. There are no other changes.

NOTE: DirectX 8.0 has been updated to include fixes for international installs on Windows 2000 and regressions in DirectInput. This updated release is DirectX 8.0a. The updates only affect the DirectX 8.0 Redist and Runtimes contained within the SDK. If you have already downloaded the DirectX 8.0 SDK, it is important that (at a minimum) you update your install with the new Redist. You can find the DirectX 8.0a Redist only download with the DirectX 8.0 Partial SDK Downloads. To avoid complications, do not release the Redist contained in the DirectX 8.0 SDK, use the DirectX 8.0a Redist. If you'd rather update your entire SDK install you can do so here.

Download DirectX 8.0a SDK  - Microsoft

Download DirectX 8.0a



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