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DirectX Problems

Of course we know that DirectX can sometimes cause some heck of a problem with games. You get junky display, the game won't start, get error messages and so on. Try the following steps to cure your problems:

  • Uninstall the game, if possible
  • Install the latest version of DirectX ( go to Microsoft's DirectX website )
  • Re-install the game, if that doesn't work try installing the version that comes with the game. Some games will only work with the version bundled in.
  • Check your manual for the game's online site for known errors or support line.
  • Check your hardware configurations for known problems. You will be surprised to know that some hardware doesn't support or conflicts with DirectX.
  • Identify whoever makes the particular hardware that doesn't work with DirectX and get a new driver. If there's no new driver, get a board that will support DirectX. Basically if you're running on hardware that's more than 2 years old and isn't wildly popular, chances are nobody cares enough to write a good DirectX driver for it. Reputable companies like Diamond or 3Dfx will update their drivers frequently.
  • If you don't want to buy a new board, then return the game and get a full refund. State explicitly on the return slip why it doesn't work. Be careful with games from the same company.
  • If you already have the latest version and all else fails, reinstall DirectX.
  • If you are running Windows XP - the best way back is to reinstall the operating system itself.

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