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Price: Free Published By: File Size:  19.54MB Type Of File: .EXE
Title: 3DMark2000 1.1

3DMark2000 is the latest installment in the popular 3DMark series. Combining DirectX 7.0 support with completely new graphics, it continues to provide benchmark results designed to empower you to make informed upgrade decisions by delivering the game content of tomorrow--today.
3DMark2000 has been created in cooperation with major 3D accelerator and processor manufacturers to provide you with the best possible and most reliable set of diagnostic tools. Also included is a completely new demo mode, which demonstrates some of the latest innovations and advances that real-time 3D graphics can now offer.

Price: Free Published By: Freshdevices File Size: 1.11 MB Type Of File: .EXE
Title: Fresh Diagnose 6.0

Fresh Diagnose is a utility designed to analyze and benchmark your computer system. It can analyze and benchmark many types of hardware, including CPU, hard disk, video system, and mainboard. Use this free software to learn more about your computer and its components, detect or diagnose problems, and increase performance. What's new: Windows Services and Virtual Device Drivers modules added.

Price: Free Published By: File Size:  8.4 MB Type Of File: .EXE
Title: PCMark2002

PCMark2002 is a multipurpose benchmarking tool suited for all kinds of PCs, from laptops to workstations. It is also designed to be used across multiple Windows operating systems. PCMark2002 consists of a series of tests that represent common tasks in home and office programs. It also covers many additional areas outside the scope of other benchmarks.

Price: Free demo $24.00 to buy Published By: PassMark Software File Size:  800K Type Of File: .EXE
Title: PerformanceTest 4.0

Performance Test allows you to objectively benchmark a PC using a variety of different speed tests. 27 individual benchmark tests are available in seven test suites. Features include the following: Integer and floating-point mathematical operations; Tests of standard 2D graphical functions; Reading, writing, and seeking within disk files; Memory allocation and access; Tests of the MMX (multimedia extensions) within newer CPUs; A test of the DirectX 3D graphics system; CD/DVD benchmarking.
There are six summary results, plus an overall PassMark Rating result. The benchmark results are presented as bar charts and can be saved and exported. Version 4.0 adds advanced testing options for measuring TCP/IP network bandwidth, memory bandwidth and CD/DVD speed.

Price: Free demo; $24 to buy Published By: Hans Niekus File Size:  207K Type Of File: .EXE
Title: System Analyzer 5.2s

System Analyser gives information about bios, network, CPU/FPU, cache, memory, video, AGP, monitor, drives, IDE, ATAPI, CD-ROM, DVD, RPC2, mouse, keyboard, IEEE 1284, modem, fax, ISDN, sound, ASPI/CAM, SCSI, DMI, PCI, PCMCIA, APM, ESCD, IRQ, DMA, CMOS, Y2K, and more. It also gives benchmarks of the processor, memory, hard disks, CD-ROM, and video adapter.

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