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File Renaming Programs

Price: Free demo; $35 Published By: RarLab File Size:  580K Type Of File: .EXE
Title: FAR Manager 1.65

FAR is a text-mode shell for Windows 95/98/NT that replaces/competes with Norton Commander and similar programs. It allows you to view, edit, copy, move, rename, create, and delete files and folders within a drag-and-drop interface. Other features include an internal/external file viewer and text editor. The cost to register this shareware product is $35.

Price: Free demo; $5 Published By: Nerd Generation File Size:  217k Type Of File: .EXE
Title: File and MP3 Renamer 4.4

File and MP3 Renamer lets you rename multiple types of files with ease. This program can rename several files or create a file series, and it is fully configurable. With the Rename From List feature, you can create a list with all the files in a directory, modify the filenames on that list, and then rename the original files with the names on the list. Previous versions featured better error handling, ID3v2 support for MP3 files, a preview feature for MP3 files, a redesigned interface, and an improved Preview feature for files.
This version fixes incorrect links to GIF/JPG files in HTML code automatically and adds new JavaEncrypt tool that lets you encode and protect your HTML files using a JavaScript method.

Price: Free demo; $5 Published By: Sollazzo Consulting File Size:  112k Type Of File: .EXE
Title: AddFolder 1.0

Renaming files is tedious, especially when there are many individual files and each file is being modified in the same way. One common example of this is large collections of music files, when the artist's name is added or removed from the start of each file name. This program is designed to help in this type of situation by automating the renaming in a simple and straightforward way. If you want more control over the renaming of files then this program is not for you; this program is simply designed for people 'without a Ph.D in file renaming' which the more advanced programs seem to require.

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