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Price: Free demo; $10 Published By: kish Designs File Size:  709k Type Of File: .EXE
Title: CopyTo Synchronizer 2.7a

     'CopyTo'Synchronizer' is a 32-bit file synchronization and backup utility for Windows. Use it to safely synchronize files between a desktop PC and a notebook PC, move files between the home and office with removable media,like ZIP or JAZ, or update multiple computers on a network, with the multiple folder settings.
     As you synchronize files, you can filter certain file types and exclude specified folders. You can display a Preview window and check for disk space before you start the copying process. Launch CopyTo from an Explorer right-click context menu, from its own icon, or even from a DOS prompt. Plus, you can have the program play a .wav file when it finishes. You can save and recall settings that you enter into CopyTo using the CopyTo project file, which have the '.cp2'extension. You can start synchronizing using the settings in the project file by double-clicking. Compresses all files within each folder into one archive using PKZIP compatible compression.

Price: Free demo; $86 Published By: Soft Experience File Size:  2.53 MB Type Of File: .EXE
Title: Idem 2.2g

Idem is a software utility that enables the user to automate file synchronization and replication. Idem secures critical data duplicating from one computer location to another. It is a good solution for mirroring important folders from a Windows NT server toward another one. Idem is distinguishable from other expansive mirroring or clustering products by its ability to fully preserve Macintosh filenames and structures stored on a Windows NT 4.0 server. You can use Idem to synchronize a laptop on a network and for real-time mirroring of folders on ZIP drives, CD-RWs, removable hard disks, network drives and local hard disks. Idem can also rename moved Macintosh files, substituting a dash for forbidden Windows characters in their names. Idem now can be installed as a Windows NT/2000 Service, and can check and copy file and folder security information and attributes.

Price: Free demo; $10 Published By: aborange File Size:  528K Type Of File: .EXE
Title: Synchronizer Synchronizer

Synchronizer is a program for comparing and synchronizing directories, including sub-directories and file. It is particularly useful on mobile computers, when installing new software and exchanging data. The features: File Compare between directories, with or without sub-directories. Intuitive display of sync directions with arrows and colours. Filter Options (i.e. all identical files). Individual file selection for synchronization. Sync Function with selection of sync direction. Printing of file list. Executable from a command line with parameters as in batch files. File Exception Lists.


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