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Web Browsers

Price: Free Published By: Microsoft File Size:< 12.0MB Type Of File: .EXE
Title: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 Service Pack 1

Whether you use the Web to read e-mail, news or sports reports, shop online, listen to music or play videos, or share your images and photos with friends, family or work colleagues, Internet Explorer 6 makes it easy, exciting and fun.

Price: Free Published By: Microsoft File Size:<  17MB Type Of File: .EXE
Title: Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2

Download Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 2 and Internet Tools. The newest version of Internet Explorer includes improved support for DHTML and CSS, which gives Web architects greater control over browser appearance and behavior. Enjoy the ability to preview Web pages exactly as they appear when printed. Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 2 (SP2) makes it easier than ever to connect to the Internet and find the information you need. With Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2, you can use Connection Manager as your default dialer when Dial-Up Networking is already installed.

Price: Free Published By: Opera File Size:< 15.7MB Type Of File: .EXE
Title: Opera Version: 7.23

Opera today ranks number three among the most widely used Internet browsers in the world.  On the desktop, Opera is available on a wide array of operating systems, and this number is growing. Thanks to the platform-independence of the core code, Opera can easily be ported onto other platforms while maintaining the small size, speed, security and flexibility that has received international acclaim from end-users and industry press.

Price: Free Published By: Mozilla File Size:< 11.9MB Type Of File: .EXE
Title: Mozilla 1.5

Mozilla is an open-source web browser, designed for standards compliance, performance and portability.  Mozilla 1.0 RC1 is our first release candidate for the upcoming Mozilla 1.0 release. This build isn't 1.0 yet, but please try it out.

Price: Free Published By: Netscape File Size:< 26.5MB Type Of File: .EXE
Title: Netscape 7.1

Netscape 7.0 is the latest Netscape browser suite designed to let you get the most from your time online. Netscape 7.0 is optimized for what you do most often on the web -- browsing, searching, listening to music, and communicating with friends and family. It offers fast and efficient Internet browsing and email, the #1 instant messaging service, and the all new Radio@Netscape Plus - available in just one click. For more detail on new features within each component of Netscape 7.0, see What's New in Navigator, Mail, Instant Messaging and Radio@Netscape.


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