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Price: Free demo; $39.95 Published By: ExpressSoft File Size:  1 MB Type Of File: .EXE
Title: Express NewsPictures 2.2

Express NewsPictures is a powerful newsreader specifically designed for downloading and viewing pictures and other binaries (audio, video and more) from newsgroups. The program downloads articles with binaries inside, decodes them and saves on your hard drive. It filters spam, leaving only those articles that contain real binaries. The program lets you preview the downloaded pictures and shrink or scroll the picture if it doesn't fit in the preview window. A unique filtering capability lets you filter newsgroups and messages based on keywords you specify helping to avoid the content you may find offensive. The program comes packed with a set of keywords to filter off adult content and you can easily edit these filters, add your own keywords or remove all of them completely and rely on your own common sense. Express NewsPictures supports yEncoded binaries, processes multi-parts and can work with Usenet groups via a proxy server and supports multiple news accounts. Other features include server authentication support, built-in picture viewer and video player.
Changes in this version: New text band lets you to view post texts as well, "Sender" column has been added into articles list, Ability to reply sender by e-mail, sort functions have been corrected, Some bugs fixed.

Price: Free demo; $35.00 Published By: DJI Interprises File Size:  923k Type Of File: .EXE
Title: NewsBin Pro 4.1

NewsBin is a multithreaded news robot that automatically downloads and decodes binary posts to Usenet newsgroups. NewsBin will take full advantage of high-bandwidth Internet connections by allowing multiple simultaneous connections to your news server or servers. NewsBin includes resume capabilities to recover from lost connections. It reassembles multipart posts across multiple servers and includes real-time rendering of thumbnails when downloading images. NewsBin supports regular expression parsing for complex filtering capabilities based on subjects or filenames, and provides file size filtering and limits on cross-posting. NewsBin can also post binaries to the newsgroups and provides simple-text message viewing.
Version 4.05 fixes problem where a purged post caused the file download to fail before checking the other servers and has improved registration network access.

Price: Free demo; $35.00 Published By: NewsPro File Size:  764k Type Of File: .EXE
Title: NewsPro 3.71

NewsPro is an easy-to-use multitasking newsreader with advanced support for multiple news servers. NewsPro allows you to perform searches on servers in a large number of newsgroups and includes an option for quickly synchronizing newsgroup content with servers for effective downloads of multipart attachments. It features an 'Ignore yEnc errors' option, the ability to slow down specific tasks, an estimation of download times feature, and more.
The new version features added options for later and immediate download and download with certain priority for article tasks. Posting has been extended to multiple servers; newsgroups can be associated with posting servers and identities.

Price: Free demo; $24.95 Published By: File Size:  2.6 MB Type Of File: .EXE
Title: PictureAgent 3.11

PictureAgent is an NNTP client designed to search specified newsgroups for posts that meet your criteria. It will then download and decode findings into a specified directory. PictureAgent is perfect for newcomers to Usenet, since it requires only a hostname and download directory to set up. This release offers separate download directories for each newsgroup, maintains a history list to reduce duplicate files, offers thumbnail and full-size images of the last picture downloaded, features authentication capabilities for hosts that require usernames and passwords, and more. This trial will only download a limited number of pictures before registration is required. Timeout and reconnect when the server stalls. Skip the currently downloading article (a real help when downloading large files).

Price: Free Published By: Clarion File Size:  700K Type Of File: .EXE
Title: Xnews 5.08

Xnews is fashioned after NewsXpress, a program no longer in development. Xnews features a quick filter, a score file for more advanced filtering, support for multiple servers and identities, binaries handling, optional header and article caching, and folders for permanent archival.
Version 5.0 adds a free-floating editor window, support for the yEnc binary encoding scheme, and many other enhancements and bug fixes.

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