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DVD Software Decoder Comparison Table

The table below is sorted in no particular order, and just because one Software Decoder has features another on or the other doesn't have - does not make it a better player.

  ATI Player v1.2 CineMaster v1.6 DVD Express v4.0 PowerDVD v1.22a SoftDVD v2.10 Xing 2.03 Win98 DVD
Motion Compensation ATI ATI ATI None ATI None Possible
Decoding Engine CineMaster CineMaster Internal Internal Internal Internal DirectShow
Changeable Region W/CineMaster Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
DirectShow Filters N/A Yes Yes No ? Yes N/A
Proportional Scaling Yes Yes ? No ? Yes Yes
44khz sound support W/CineMaster Yes ? No ? Yes N/A
Can play VOB Files Yes W/AMovie Yes Yes ? Yes No
Can play MPEG2 Files No No Yes Yes No Yes No
3DNow! support No No ? No No Yes No
Brightness Control No Yes No No No No No

This next table helps you understand what each feature means.

  What It Means
ATI ATI Rage Pro Hardware Motion Compensation.
N/A Short for "Not appliable".
W/ Short for "With".
? Unknown, please fill me in.
VOB DVD Video OBject files.
MPEG2 Unencrypted DVD-Quality video.
3DNow! AMD's Math-Extention (speed up) for their K6/3D processor line.


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