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Product: American Pie: Collector's Edition (Unrated Version)
Company: Universal
Review By: Byron Hinson
Price: $20:99

Aspect Ratio Regional Information DVD Disc Details
1.85 : 1

1 : USA
Closed Captioning: CC
Master format: Film
Sides: 1 (SS-RSDL)
Chapter stops: 18
Average Bit Rate: 6
Running Time: 96 Mins


Sound: English French Commentary






I'm a big fan of any kind of sick comedies, so I am very pleased to get the chance to review the unrated version of the hit U.S comedy, American Pie. The movie follows a group of young teenage boys plans as they try desperately to lose their virginity before the prom. Finch (Eddie Kay Thomas) has an undeserved reputation as a Casanova, Jim (Jason Biggs) humiliated himself via the Internet and Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) can't get past "third base" with his girlfriend Vicky (Tara Reid).

American Pie managed to remind me of both Porky's and Fast Times At Ridgemond High. but probably more so to the latter. There are a number of gags that are just plain sick (Nothing wrong with that) but the majority are well executed and turns American Pie into an excellent comedy.

How It Grades
  Picture Quality: 84%
Sound: 90%
Special Features: 90%
Movie Overall: 90%
DVD Overall: 88%


The DVD itself is again a very good one from Universal's collector's edition series of DVD's. It contains a whole load of extras from an Audio commentary to a number of outtakes showing when the actors do wrong or fluff up The picture is displayed in 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen so it will fill the screen if you are lucky enough to own a widescreen TV. The picture quality is generally good, although there were a few scenes when I felt that the picture seemed a little too fuzzy in the background, although this problem was rare.

All in all another excellent release from Universal in terms of good extras, good picture  and a great movie. Go buy it now.


Specs & Package
Overall Score 88%
Release Date Out Now
In The Box? 1 DVD
1 Inlay Card
Special Features Audio commentary by director Paul Weitz, producer Chris Weitz, writer Adam Herz, and cast members Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott

Spotlight on location
Universal Records soundtrack presentation
Music highlights
Classic quotes
DVD-Rom features

The Good Points Sick
Well Acted
Lots of extras
The Bad Points Sometimes a fuzzy picture
Memorable Scenes 0 Minutes 0 Seconds (Yes really)
12 Minutes 20 Seconds
Reviewers DVD & PC Setup Pentium II 450
Windows 98 Second Edition
128 Meg SD-Ram
Matrox G400 32MB AGP Graphics Card
DirectX 7a
SoundBlaster Live! Value
17" LG Electronics Monitor
Microsoft Force Feedback Pro
Microsoft Game Pad Pro (USB)
Microsoft Digital Sound System 80
Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer

DVD TV Player - Pioneer DV-626D
Widescreen TV - Sony KV-28WS2U 28"
DVD-ROM: Toshiba SD-1202


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