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DVD Links

This page provides links to DVD Decoder companies, places to order DVD's online and other DVD-ROM news and information sites. If you know of any others - please get in touch with us. We also have a page full of Studio & Industry Links.

Where To Order DVD Movie Titles Online

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Other DVD Related Websites

Xiddi DVD Trading Network
DVD Trading Network.
DVD Bulletin
Region 2 DVD news, reviews, streaming trailers/clips, links, forum, guide to DVD and more.
DVD news, software downloads, and general dvd recording info.

The one source for all you need in DVD
The largest DVD Portal online - with approx. 300 DVD related sites - in one directory, dvd news, technology news and site reviews, but much more.

Digital Bits, The

DVD Angle

DVD File

DVD Insider

DVD Reviewer
The UKs most visited DVD news and reviews site, covering Region 1 & 2. Also features multi region hacks and the host site for the FAQ

DVD Times (UK Site)

Xoxide carries all kinds of computer parts and accessories. Are you looking to build a home theater pc (HTPC) for viewing DVDs and high-def entertainment from your home? Xoxide's got you covered. Don't forget to pick up a power supply and a cooling fan while you're at it.


More movie search options

Software DVD Decoder Companies

XingDVD is currently the most stable of all the software DVD players around at the moment.

ATI Technologies
Keep a check out for their new Rage Fury card.

Currently the best software DVD player on the market
They make both hardware and software DVD decoders.
The excellent makers of WinDVD, one of the current top software DVD Decoder Companies.

Hardware DVD Decoder Card Companies

Videologic DVD Player
Same as above.
Creative Labs Encore
Previously the masters at soundcards, over the past year they have become a highly reputable company that deals with CD-ROM's, DVD-ROM, Graphics cards and anything else you can find.
ATI Rage Fury
ATI are set to launch this new card (It comes with DVD Hardware Decoding) in March.

DVD Newsgroups
This DVD newsgroups is easily the most well used. If you subscribe to this group then you can expect hundreds of posts each day.
The main discussion here is related to DVD software players. So if you use any kind of software decoder make sure you check in here.
DVD Technical information - Ask questions all about the tech side of DVD's and hope for an answer.
Discussions for those who use Intel technology to view their DVD's.
Trade DVD's and DVD players.
Any DVD related topics can be discussed here.
This newsgroup is dedicated to proper full DVD players.
DVD Technical information - Ask questions all about the tech side of DVD's and hope for an answer.
Discuss all the latest DVD titles that have been or are being released.
The main DVD newsgroup in which all the UK users hang out. This newsgroup mainly discusses Region 2 DVD's.

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