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Product: Dark City
Company: New Line
Review By: Alex Harris

Aspect Ratio Regional Information DVD Disc Details
2.35 : 1

1 : USA

Closed Captioning: CC
Master format: Film
Sides: 1 (SS-RSDL)
Chapter stops: 19
Average bitrate: 6.5


Sound: English French


2.0 Surround


French, Spanish



I hadn't heard much about Dark City before I read about it on websites claiming it was an excellent movie. When it arrived at my house I was pleased to find out that it was directed, produced, written and had the screenplay done by Alex Proyas (The Crow).

When the film starts you spend a bit of time wondering what is going on in the movie, not as delusional as you might think, but quite an interesting way to start the film. It gives you an interesting sensation finding out information and being informed of things as soon as the main character finds out. It is almost the norm for the main character to know more information about what is going on than the audience knows, but in this film when John Murdoch (Rufus Sewell) wakes in an strange hotel room and finds he is wanted for a series of brutal murders, you know you are in for a good movie. 

The main problem that John Murdoch finds is that he can't remember a thing. he is then pursued by the police and haunted by The Strangers, mysterious beings who posses the ability to stop time and alter reality. During the film Murdoch seeks to unravel the twisted riddle of his identity, but in a city where reality is the ultimate illusion, discovering the truth could be fatal. 

How It Grades
Picture Quality: A-
Sound: A-
Special Features: B+
Movie Overall: A-
DVD Overall: A-

There are strong performances from Rufus Sewell in the main role and also by Kiefer Sutherland (The Doctor), Jennifer Connelly (the wife) and William Hurt (The detective). The DVD is presented in its original 2.35:1 theatrical aspect ratio and also full screen  mode and the picture is excellent. The color, blacks, noise levels, and stability are all top notch

The DVD is filled with special features which include a good commentary from Film Critic Roger Ebert, Director, Writers, Director of Photography and production Designer. There is also a "Find Shell Beach" Interactive Game, Cast and Crew biographies, filmographies, Star Highlights, Comparisons to Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Theatrical Trailer, set designs and fully animated menus and scene access. 

I found Dark City to be an excellent film and if you loved the Crow then this film is an excellent movie to own. It has great special effects and all the main characters plays their roles brilliantly. Go buy it now. 

Release Date Out Now
Special Features Audio commentary by Film Critic Roger Ebert, Director, Writers, Director of Photography and production Designer
Interactive Game
Cast and crew bios
Comparisons to Metropolis
Theatrical trailer
Set Designs
Animated Menus and Scene Access
Reviewers PC Setup Pentium II 333
Windows 98
240 Meg SD-Ram
Voodoo 2 - 8mb
Matrox 32 MB G400
DirectX 6.2
SoundBlaster PnP
14" Optiquest Monitor
Microsoft Force Feedback Pro
Microsoft Freestyle Pro (USB)

DVD Setup: Hitachi 2500 DVD-ROM - 32x
Real Magic Hollywood Plus



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