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The Opposite Of Sex

Product: The Opposite Of Sex
Company: Columbia/Tri Star Pictures
Review By: Byron Hinson

Aspect Ratio Regional Information DVD Disc Details
1.85 : 1

1 : USA
Closed Captioning: CC

Master format: Film
Sides: 1 (DS-SL)
Chapter stops: 28


Sound: English French Commentary





Don Roos, who writes and directs does an excellent job with this biting comedy starring Christina Ricci, Martin Donovan, Lisa Kudrow and Lyle Lovett

The story goes like this: A 16 year old Louisiana girl (Christina Ricci) moves in with her homosexual half-brother (Martin Donovan) and immediately starts coming on to his sexual partner (Ivan Sergei), finally forcing him into an affair in which she becomes pregnant. The whole affair blows into a scandal exposing her school teacher brother and the true parent of the child is called into question as it is revealed that there has been a long line of lovers.

Performances all round are good, but it is Lisa Kudrow (Playing the sexually repressed school teacher Lucia) who stands out, proves she is the only one from Friends who can act and gets all the best lines "Matt, that is not your baby. It's some other idiot's, who probably has an eighth grade education and a trunk full of Waco pamphlets.".

The Opposite Of Sex could have turned into a mess if it only had the occasional funny line and just a couple of good performances, but thankfully that doesn't happen, even Lyle Lovett playing a Sheriff, with one eye on Lucia puts himself about well. Writer-director Roos does allow himself to fall back on stereotypes and campiness, especially in the gay character played by Johnny Galecki (Roseanne, I Know What You Did Last Summer). However, that's not enough to do any damage to the movie.

How It Grades
Picture Quality: B+
Sound: B+
Special Features: B-
Movie Overall: B+
DVD Overall: B+

Now the DVD - Picture quality isn't as good as it could be, sometimes the images on screen is a little too grainy for my liking. The movie is double sided and comes with both Widescreen (1.85: 1) and Full screen on the one disc, in other words, it is one of the few flippers I'd buy. Dialogue is clear and the musical tracks are never really played when any of the characters are in conversation so there are no problems with music taking over the dialogue.

The Opposite Of Sex comes with a number of good special features. There is a directors commentary with Don Roos, a number of deleted scenes (Some of which probably should have made it into the final cut) and the obligatory trailer. I haven't had a chance to listen through all of Don Roos's commentary thus far, but what I have heard has been clear, with no pointless banter.

Overall I loved the movie, but the DVD picture quality is not as good as it should be, but the DVD does come with a number of great special features as mentioned before. Christina Ricci is also looking mighty fine these days.

"I don't have a heart of gold and I don't grow one later on. But relax. There are lots of nicer people coming up - we call them losers."

"The Opposite Of Sex" - DVD Features

  • Audio commentary by writer/director Don Roos
  • Deleted scenes
  • Theatrical trailer

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