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Product: What Dreams May Come
Company: Polygram
Review By: Byron Hinson

Aspect Ratio Regional Information DVD Disc Details
2.35 : 1

1 : USA

Closed Captioning: CC
Master format: Film
Sides: 1 (SS-RSDL)
Chapter stops: 19
Average bitrate: 6.5


Sound: English French


2.0 Surround


French, Spanish



What Dream May Come didn't get great press when it originally came out at the cinema and due to little knowledge of the movie here in the UK I didn't really take any notice of it until the DVD arrived on my doorstep.

I have always been a big fan of Robin Williams in both movie and television form and felt he never gets enough credit for his performances (Good Will Hunting being the exception) he manages to come across well in both his comedic and dramatic roles. What Dream May Come is an exceptionally sad movie (Emotionally, not in terms of being rubbish) so get your hankies at the ready as all but 10 minutes of the film will have you on the verge of tears.

After Chris Nielsen (Robin Williams) dies in an accident, he tries to remain close to his beautiful, mortal wife, Annie (The gorgeous and wonderful Annabella Sciorra,). With the friendly spirit (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) assigned to guide him, he begins to adapt to his new state of being in a setting that can only be described as heavenly. But when his distraught wife takes her own life, she is banished to an eternal damnation. Chris vows to find her so they can share eternity together, but no one has ever succeeded in rescuing a soul from such a horrific fate. With the help of his heavenly friends, Chris sets out on the most perilous and harrowing journey of his life, or afterlife: a quest for everlasting love that will take him to hell and back!

How It Grades
Picture Quality: A-
Sound: A-
Special Features: B+
Movie Overall: A-
DVD Overall: A-

The DVD is presented in its original 2.35:1 theatrical aspect ratio and also 16x9 enhanced video mode and the picture is excellent. The color, blacks, noise levels, and stability are all top notch

The DVD is filled with special features which include a good commentary from Vincent Ward (The director) and an alternative ending (Which was mercifully discarded from the film)

I found What Dream May Come to be an enthralling movie experience, with its beautiful special effects and good all round acting performances from everyone seen in the film, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it and I can't quite understand the critics views when the film hit cinemas. The DVD is also excellent value as it has a great range of special features, a good picture and great sound. Buy it.

Release Date Out Now
Special Features Audio commentary by director Vincent Ward
About the visual effects
Making-of documentary
Alternate ending
Photo gallery
Reviewers PC Setup Pentium II 450
Windows 98 Second Edition
128 Meg SD-Ram
Voodoo 2 - 8mb
DirectX 6.1a
SoundBlaster Live! Value
17" LG Electronics Monitor
ATI 8mb XPert AGP Graphics Card
Microsoft Force Feedback Pro
Microsoft Freestyle Pro (USB)

DVD Setup: Toshiba SD-1202 DVD-ROM - 32x
DVD TV Player - Samsung 807



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