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Frequently Asked Questions
OSR2 ( OEM Service Release 2 )

Q: What is OSR2 and what does it stand for?
A: OSR2 stands for "OEM Service Release 2", the second version of Windows 95. OSR2 is really just a whole bunch of bug fixes.

Q: Why can't I find any of these OSR2 CD's in computer stores?
A: Simple, because it isn't available to buy in computer stores! This OSR2 version of Windows 95 was shipped quietly by Microsoft in August 1996 to OEM manufacturers to bundle in with their systems. This means, you can only get it if you buy a brand new computer ( or a motherboard in some cases ) in the last quarter of 1996.

Q: Does that means I will definitely get OSR2 if I bought my PC on Q4 of 1996?
A: Not necessary. Although nearly all computer dealers will have OSR2 bundled in their PC, there are some that still hold on tightly to the earlier version of Windows 95. If you are sure you bought your PC in the fourth quarter of 1996, you have the right to insist on receiving the OSR2 or demand your money back.

Q: What's so special about OSR2?
A: It is faster, smoother & more stable than its predecessor. It includes bug fixes, better driver libraries, and you can change the screen resolutions and color depths without rebooting. It comes bundled with a compression utility, DriveSpace 3 ( which used to be only available with Plus ) and can save you space from large clusters with FAT32.

Q: I heard that OSR2 could only be installed on a clean hard drive or DOS. Can really I install OSR2 on my current hard drive without formatting it?
A: Actually, yes! Boot to command prompt, and rename your Next, insert the OSR2 CD-ROM into the drive. Run setup. When prompted which directory you want to install in, install it in your current Windows directory. That way, you will be able to install OSR2.

Q: Can I dual-boot in OSR2?
A: No. All future versions of Windows, starting with OSR2 will not support dual-boot. ( That includes Windows 98. ) Because of the new FAT32, Windows will crash if you boot to another OS that does not support FAT32. ( DOS for example. )

Q: There are a few stores I see selling software called "Windows 97". What are they?
A: These "Windows 97", are actually pirated copies of OSR2. To promote their software, software pirates call it "Windows 97" to attract people. However there are also software pirates who call OSR2 "Windows 95 August Release" or "Windows 95 version 2". Do not be fooled. The genuine OSR2 will be called "Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2".

Q: How do I identify the genuine OSR2 from pirated copies?
A: All Windows 95 OSR/2 should come with one manual and two CDs unless they are marked with language such as the following "For distribution with a new Dell [or Compaq, etc.] Computer".  The computers that Dell/Compaq/etc. provide only need to have one disk. Second, pirated OSR2 will be sold at a ridiculously low price. Third, make sure it is not in a 100 programs-in-1 CD. A Genuine OSR2 will not be accompanied by any other programs. However, some CDs do come with some games or demos. Some OSR2 are bundled with Plus or even accompanied with another CD that is "Microsoft Windows 95 Starts Here/How & Why". Usually, the bundled software's are also products of Microsoft. Other than that, be very careful and investigate properly.

Q: Can I install Service Pack 1 on OSR2?
A: You definitely must not install Service Pack 1 on OSR2. Because OSR2 already includes the bug fixes that service pack 1 fixes, installing SP1 will cause havoc by overwriting the newer files with the older ones.

Q: Does OSR2 support my Powertoys & Kerneltoys?
A: Yes.

Q: Does OSR2 support all my current software?
A: Why not? A lot of people were mistaken that OSR2 is a new operating system. It is not. The only new OS from Microsoft is Windows 98. OSR2 is just a mere updated version of Windows 95. It supports everything the older Windows 95 can do and better.

Q: I am using the older version of Windows 95. Is there any way I can get the features of OSR2?
A: You can by downloading OSR2 components direct from Microsoft.

Q: How can I identify a non-OSR2 Windows 95 CD from an OSR2 CD?
A: An non OSR2 CD ( the earlier version of Windows 95 ) will normally have a big Microsoft Windows 95 at the bottom, a Microsoft Windows 95 logo on the left and another Microsoft logo at about 2 o'clock and some copyright information on the right. Note the date. The earlier version of Windows 95's copyright date should state 1981-1995.

An OSR2 CD should have a big Microsoft Windows 95 at the bottom, a Designed for Windows 95 logo on the left, an Includes CD Sampler with Free Games at about 11 o'clock, another Microsoft logo at 2 o'clock, and copyright information on the right. The copyright date should be 1981-1996 or later.

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