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Frequently Asked Questions
Games Cheats

Q: What are game cheats?
A: Obviously, they are more towards secret codes to enable you to "cheat" the game, giving you the ability to win more easily. They can be activated by executing a special move combination or typing certain keys.

Q: What are the purposes of the game cheats?
A: Of course game developers created cheat codes not for players to win the game they created easily. The main purposes is so that game developers and beta testers can skip certain levels or access every single item or weapons to test them thoroughly without wasting time. But sometimes, cheats are not created in the first place. They may be a bug or flaw that accidentally allows the player to do super-natural stuff that was not intended by the games developers.

Q: Why are game cheats usually hidden?
A: Game developers spend a great deal of time to create a game. They want the player to have fun playing the entire game, not just spending 2 hours or so to win by cheating. That is why they are hidden.

Q: If cheat codes are for the convinience of game developers and beta testers, why are they still retained in the original release?
A: Most software developers don't want to waste time removing them. After all, they are kept secret (?). Others just leave it there for the kicks of it or just for fun.

Q: If game cheats are kept secret, why are they still known by players?
A: A good secret is hard to keep. Sometimes, beta testers or even the game developers themselves spread the secret around. Others were discovered by accident. Anyway, they are available all around the Internet.

Q: Where can I find cheat codes?
A: There are plenty of sites available., & are just a few of them. Search through search engines. You'll find plenty. You can also find sites dedicated to a certain game. Cheats for the game are usually posted too.

Q: What can cheats do?
A: They usually give you invincibility or "god-mode", unlimited health, get all weapons, items, go to next level, etc. But some cheats are fun. They can unlock a certain feature that is hidden. Maybe play a funny tune or do some certain action. But the best and fun codes are those that can let you access levels, items or enemies that has been put aside but not completely removed. Sometimes, game developers create a certain level or item but find it not so well done and rejected it but not completely removed. If you are fortunate, you might be able to access some secret stuff. Developers also sometime hide their credits screen and only accessible via cheat codes.

Q: Does every game has a cheat code?
A: Strangely, nearly all games has their own cheat code. Some cheat codes are less useful or "powerful" then others. However, there are some games that do not have any cheat codes at all. The developers removed them from the final release of the game to make the game more challenging. Westwood's infamous Red Alert is one of the examples.

Q: Can I still cheat with a that doesn't have cheat codes?
A: As stated above, sometimes you might find a bug in a game that allows you to do special things. But you can also download a cheat program or "trainer" for games that doesn't have a cheat code. The trainer will hack into the game and edit some stuff, allowing you to cheat.

Q: Is it advisible to cheat in a game?
A: Frankly speaking, no. A cheat spoils a good game, making it less challenging and no longer interesting. However, if you are stuck in a certain level and really can't pass it, you might want to consider a cheat. But it is more advisible to find tips and hints from the net then cheats.


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