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Revision - 2.0

Q: What is the main objective of & Active Network?
A: We have the "goal of providing the latest Microsoft company news, information, downloads, reviews, drivers, tips, support, software/hardware news, FAQs, and much more" In addition, we provide Xbox news, DVD News, and Mac news.

Q: How did this site got its name?
A: At first we used Memphis as our site name; then switched to ActiveWindows before the Windows 98 launch date. We chose ActiveWindows because it was similar to our first website, ActiveIE, which focused on Internet Explorer. We changed the site from ActiveWindows to in 2000 after a small dispute with Microsoft. If you would like to see the full story of how the site started, click here.

Q: How many people are in charge of
A: Robert Stein & Byron Hinson are in charge of the site, but there is a big list who help out in all areas.

Q: I am very interested in & the Active Network. What can I contribute to help?
A: You can do a lot! First, you may scout around finding what you think is a mistake or error ( spelling mistake, grammar, broken link, etc. ) and report to us. Then, you may comment what you think & make suggestions about what you think can be added. If you would like to supply us with information or tips, articles etc - then please just check out any of the many sections here at to find out who to e-mail.

Q: Are all the graphics original?
A: Yes. However, any Microsoft image used is owned and trademarked by Microsoft Corporation.

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