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Frequently Asked Questions
Internet Explorer 4

Revision - 1.0

Browsing Questions

Q---Will Netscape's Communicator work with IE4 installed?
A---Yes--I have it installed on my system and have had no installation or system problems.

Q---I downloaded the 128bit patch--but how do i run it?
A---Right click on it and choose rename it to give it an exe extension. You may need to go under View | Options in Windows Explorer and click on the View tab. Take the check out of the box that says to hide the file extension. MS recommends to name the file MS128.exe.

Q--Is HTTP file upload Implemented in Internet Explorer 4?
A--Well Microsoft Have plans to--when-who knows.

Q--How will Internet Explorer 4 run on my 486?
A--It wont be running at its fastest -- your best bet would be to install the Browser only option.

Q--Will there be a next build be released?
A--The version you have now is currently the final version -- we are however likely to see a service pack 1 release sometime soon.

Q--I've heard that i should not install one version of IE4 over another? Is this True?
A--Yes this is true-----You MUST always uninstall your version of IE4 before installing a new build or reinstalling this build.I believe the reason for this is--the uninstall feature will vanish.

Q--I Downloaded IE4 but i don't have Frontpad? What's wrong?
A--The Most Likely reason is you downloaded the standard version--Frontpad is included in Full install ONLY.

Q--Where can i learn more about Dynamic HTML?
A--The best thing to do at the moment is to join the Sitebuilders Network--It has a few refs there at the moment--The Dynamic HTML is out but needs updating--expect this soon.

Q--How do i set a Default Font Size in Internet Explorer 4?
A--Easy---View--Then Options-it's all there.

Q--I've Downloaded Internet Explorer 4--but have noticed no active desktop-what's happened?
A--You may have downloaded the version without Shell Integration---You can always go to control panel and add the Shell Integration there--although this isn't always possible.

Q--How do i add a Shortcut to the Taskbar? Like the IE and OE Logo's in the bottom Left?
A--Just drag and drop a shortcut onto your taskbar.

Q--Since I Downloaded IE4 i don't have Real Audio Working-What's wrong?
A--I also had the same problem--i was running Real Player 4--I just reinstalled Real and it ran fine.

Q--Why does MSHTML.DLL keep crashing when I use Internet Explorer 4/5?
A--As the file name says, MSHTML.DLL controls many of the layout and HTML processing functions of Internet Explorer, including stylesheets (CSS), Outlook Express etc. The cause of this problem may be that the file is damaged or corrupted. The resolution depends on what kind of system you have and whether or not you have Active Desktop enabled. To get full, complete answers, We recommend checking out the Knowledge Base Article Q175379.


Channel Questions

Q---I can't seem to get the Channel Screensaver working--what's the problem?
A---The Channel that you subscribe to has to be setup to send out a Screensaver-this is done by the CDF file you download. You also have to make sure that the Screensaver is checked.

Q---Where can I learn more about the Push technology and coding needed for Internet Explorer 4 channels?
A---The CDF format is not yet the standard--and it is hard to find good hard information on it-for the time being check out the SiteBuilder networks IE4 information.

Q---Will the channels that Netscape's Netcaster use be able to be viewed in Internet Explorer 4 push?
A---Yes--Microsoft have announced that they will support the Netcaster format alongside CDF.

Q---Will the channels in PointCast 2.0 work in Internet Explorer 4?
A---Yes--The CDF format that PointCast 2.0 uses is also the standard that Microsoft has chosen for Internet Explorer 4--but you must remember that for PointCast-lots of the viewers will not have IE4--so content and design should be leveled towards the PointCast 2 browser.


Outlook Express Questions

Q--Where can I get a Digital Signature?
A--Follow the links within Outlook Express.

Q--How do I set a sound for new mail in OE?
A--Go to Control Panel | Sounds and select from there.

Q--Can I download Outlook Express as a standalone?
A--No--Outlook Express contains many files related to Internet Explorer 4--and thus doesn't seem to be being released as a separate release.


Active Desktop Questions

Q--How can i Hide my desktop Icons when I have Active Desktop set as on?
A--Click on VIEW -- Then FOLDER OPTIONS -- Then click the VIEW TAB -- Scroll to the bottom area and check the correct box.

Q--I installed some Active Desktop Components--Now I would like them removed-how do I take them off?
A--Right Click your desktop--and go to Properties--then on to the DESKTOP Tab--Unclick any of the components you no longer want.

Q--How can i create my own desktop items?
A--Creating a Desktop Component is just like creating a HTML document-Visit our advice page for the correct Desktop Component install code.


Latest Additions

Q-- I installed IE4 and rebooted, and now my desktop is blank! How can I fix this?

A-- boot into safe mode and see if it solves the problem, if not, do:
Go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer\Cabinet State.
Delete the "Settings" entry entirely.
Reinstall IE4.

Q--After installing IE4.0 my Start Menu has changed--is there anyway I can get rid of the scrolling arrows and go back to the old settings?

A--There is no option to go back at this time.

Q--I can no longer save any passwords--is there a way to fix this?

A--Try adding "Client for Microsoft Networks" in your Network via Control Panel.
You can also add a new User profile.

Q--I Keep getting a "Windows Internet Extensions Error" when i try to go on the internet -- can you help?

A--Try uninstalling/reinstalling TCP/IP.

Q--I Deleted the Channel Guide off of my Channel Bar--is there anyway i can get it back?

A--Give this URL a go

Q--Auto Complete sometimes slows down, or stops on my PC, is there any reason for this?

A--Auto Complete slows down (Sometimes completely) once your History folder becomes full up with lots of URL's. The best way to get Auto Complete back up and running is to clear out your history folder.

Q--After installing MSN i am left with a MSN logo where my IE logo used to be in my browser, how can i get rid of this

A--To get the E back instead of the MSN logo, just go to start , find, and do a find for these two files:Smmbrand.bmp and Msnbrand.bmp. Right click, rename. Rename theme with the extension .old instead of .bmp. Restart your PC after you have done this.

Q--Does anyone know how to have both IE 3 and IE 4 installed on one PC?

A--Not unless -- You either need a second bootable partition (or second hard disk with its own bootable OS) or you can install the 16-bit version of 3.03. Featured Partners:

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