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Frequently Asked Questions
Internet Explorer 5

Revision - 1.5

Browsing Questions

Q--So What is New In Internet Explorer 5?
A--Although it looks like little has changed when you first look at your new Internet Explorer 5, delve a little bit deeper and you will find a number of great enhancements. Here are just a few: Better control over favorites, faster browsing, improved Outlook Express, improved toolbars, better HTML and CSS support, Install on demand components and a radio toolbar.

Q--Will the websites that I have designed still look ok in Internet Explorer 5?
A--The majority of websites will work fine in Internet Explorer 5, but there may be a few that look a bit iffy with images misplaced and CSS slightly off center.

Q--Hey what's happened to the channel bar?
A--Channels are now displayed in the favorites bar in Internet Explorer 5.

Q--Have the minimum requirements increased?
A--They remain the same. Internet Explorer 5 is much faster than the previous version of IE in terms of loading time, but the size of the browser and added components like Media Player 6.0 can add to the requirements.

Q--How do I now add new components to Internet Explorer 5?
A--Simple once you know how. Click on Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs and then select Internet Explorer 5. Follow the instructions from there onwards.

Q--Will Internet Explorer 5 Install over Windows 98?
A--Yes! Internet Explorer 5 updates the Windows 98 browser and shell with this new version.

Q--What's this Customize option all about?
A--You can now choose to add or remove almost any component from Internet Explorer 5 ranging from Dynamic Binding to the large 4+mbs Java Virtual Machine.

Q--Does Internet Explorer 5 really offer faster speed when browsing?
A--The simple answer is yes.

Q--I can't notice any shell changes, what's going on?
A--Microsoft have decided to keep Shell changes to a minimum in Internet Explorer 5.

Q--Are there any places I can go for Internet Explorer 5 Tips?
A--Yes, check out our main page. Over the coming weeks they will fill with Internet Explorer 5 tips.

Q--After installing IE 5 my Start Menu has changed--is there anyway i can get rid of the scrolling arrows and go back to the old settings?
A--There is no option to go back at this time.

Q--Can Internet Explorer 5 coexist with Internet Explorer 4?
A--For the first time ever - Yes. Here is what you need to do, make sure you do a clean install of Internet Explorer 5 over your previous version of Internet Explorer 4.*. When you start setup, select the CUSTOM install and then click on the ADVANCED tab, the option for compatibility mode is there.

Q--The "click" - "bonk" sound that IE5 makes every time I click on a link is getting to me. How do I turn it off?
A--Open up control panel and go to SOUNDS. The two sounds you are looking to remove are under WINDOWS EXPLORER and are Complete Navigation and Start Navigation.

Q--Where are the Cookie options in Internet Explorer 5?
A--Cookie options have a new home in Tools | Internet Options | Security tab - you'll have to choose Custom and click the Settings button.

Q--Has the problem with images not being displayed if you use GetRight been fixed in this release?
A--Yes! The problem with GetRight has been fixed since the beta 2 release of Internet Explorer 5.

Q--Internet Explorer 5 keeps asking me if I want to close the connection every single time I close the browser. How do I stop this?
A--Open Internet Explorer. On your toolbar at the top you'll find Tools. Click on it and select Internet options. Select the tab that says: Connections. Along the right is the Settings button (make sure your internet provider is highlighted in the "Dial-Up Settings" section). Hit the Settings button. Along the right of this screen is the Advanced button. Click it. You should see "Disconnect when all Internet applications exit"--now, uncheck the box there.

Q--Where can I post bug reports if I am not an official beta tester?
A--Just follow this link to the Public Beta Bug Report Form that is on

Q--Why does MSHTML.DLL keep crashing when I use Internet Explorer 4/5?
A--As the file name says, MSHTML.DLL controls many of the layout and HTML processing functions of Internet Explorer, including stylesheets (CSS), Outlook Express etc. The cause of this problem may be that the file is damaged or corrupted. The resolution depends on what kind of system you have and whether or not you have Active Desktop enabled. To get full, complete answers, We recommend checking out the Knowledge Base Article Q175379.

Q--I don't have the Radio option on my toolbar, how do I get it?
A--You must have the new version of Windows Media Player installed before this option will come up. Once it is installed, you just click on View | Toolbars | Radio.

Q--How do I keep the Radio Option on the toolbar?
A--Open Internet Explorer 5 and click on Tools | Internet options | Advanced tab and scroll down and then select 'Always Show Radio Bar'.

Q--I've cleared out my history folder but AutoComplete still shows up some websites. How do I stop it?
A--Click on  Tools | Internet Options | Content | Auto Complete and take it from there.

Q--How do I switch off AutoComplete?
A--Go to Control Panel/Internet Options, then to the Content tab.  Click on the AutoComplete button

Q--When I click on the address bar, it sometimes takes around 10-15 seconds to open its drop down menu, what is going on?
A--For some unknown reason, if you have an FTP site address on your address bar when you click to get the drop down menu on your screen, Internet Explorer 5 likes to try and connect to that site to see if it is available, thus causing a painful waiting time. No fix is currently available.

Q--I have installed Windows 98 over Internet Explorer 5, now I can't uninstall Internet Explorer 5 - What is wrong?
A--Either manually uninstall IE5 or delete the IE5 migration DLL before reinstalling Windows 98 (this will get you back to IE 4.01 sp1 that came with Win98. However Outlook Express will no longer function, and you will have to manually delete 5 Outlook Express files to get it to work also.) Please see KB article Q222564 for details.

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Favorites Questions

Q---I've loaded up my favorites, what has changed since Internet Explorer 4?
A---There are a number of important and useful changes to the way Internet Explorer 5 handles and deals with Favorites. Check out our Internet Explorer 5 section to learn more.

Q--How can I sort my Favorites by name fast?
A--Click START and then move to your favorites folder, right click one of your favorite URLs and then click SORT BY NAME

Q--Offline Pages that require a password do not synchronize, what is wrong?
A--There is currently no fix for this problem. The only workaround is to manually type the password during synchronization.

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Outlook Express 5 Questions

Q--Why is Outlook Express so slow at opening some news servers?
A--This is a problem for a number of people. Outlook Express 5 seems to have some problems opening news servers that have 25,000+ newsgroups. Some people make the mistake of saying that this must mean that your news server is just slow, but the problem has nothing to do with that, it is to do with the way Outlook Express opens up the list of newsgroups when you click on the specific news server. At this present time, there is no work around.

Q--Can I now use Multiple Signatures?
A--Yes. Open up Outlook Express and then click TOOLS | OPTIONS | SIGNATURES. You can now add and remove as many as you like.

Q--Is the "Outlook" bar back in Outlook Express 5?
A--Yes, this feature was put back in beta 2, and is also included in the final version after so many people complained about it going AWOL in beta 1.

Q--Can I download Outlook Express as a standalone?
A--No--Outlook Express contains many files related to Internet Explorer 5--and thus will not be released as a separate release.

Q--When selecting an account it would be nice if the default window showed "Subscribed" NGs within that account. The default is "All". Anyone see how to do this yet?
A--When showing your subscribed News Server accounts in the All Folders view, click on the News Server name which opens a larger window with three tabs at the bottom: "All," "Subscribed" and "New." Selecting the "Subscribed" tab changes to only your subscribed groups. When you then click to the "All Folders" view via the down arrow in the newsgroup title bar, followed by a click on the check box next to the News Server name, you will see the subscribed newsgroups.

Q--Where has the option to send BCC mail gone in OE5?
A--Compose a message and then click VIEW | BCC.

Q--Is it possible to change the icon of Outlook Express in my Quick Launch Bar?
A--Right-click the icon in your quick launch bar and choose Properties | Change Icon, then the OK button. You can do the same for the Outlook Express icon on your Desktop.

Q--When clicking on an e-mail hyperlink on a web page I sometimes get told that my mail client isn't installed properly, but everything is working fine. What is the problem?
A--First, try going to OE's Tools | Options and clicking the Make Default button for default mail client. If that doesn't help, see - Q154359 (How to Change Default Mail Client for Internet Explorer)

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Active Desktop Questions

Q--How can I Hide my desktop Icons when I have Active Desktop set as on?
A-- The same way as in Internet Explorer 4. Click on VIEW -- Then FOLDER OPTIONS -- Then click the VIEW TAB -- Scroll to the bottom area and check the correct box.

Q--I installed some Active Desktop Components--Now I would like them removed-how do I take them off?
A--Right Click your desktop--and go to Properties--then on to the DESKTOP Tab--Unclick any of the components you no longer want.

Q--How can I create my own desktop items?
A--Creating a Desktop Component is just like creating a HTML document-Visit our advice page for the correct Desktop Component install code.

Q--Can the Active Desktop in Internet Explorer 5 do anything that the one in 4.0 couldn't?
A--No, although it does seem a shade faster than before.

Q--Why aren't there many shell updates in this version of Internet Explorer 5?
A--Microsoft decided to go for compatibility instead of adding a mass of shell enhancements this time round.

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Q--How do I get rid of the Task Scheduler on the Taskbar?
A--To remove the Task Scheduler from the taskbar, open the Task Scheduler, then use the Advanced menu, then select Stop using Task Scheduler.

Q--Where has Detect & Repair gone?
A--Detect & Repair is now kept in ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS - just click on the Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Tools option and then Detect & Repair can be selected from the next menu.

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