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Frequently Asked Questions
Windows "Neptune"

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Windows "Neptune"

Q: What is Windows "Neptune"?
A: Windows Neptune is the codename for the first consumer version of Windows 2000. Neptune will be the first operating system that is aimed for the consumer that is based on Windows 2000.

Q: What will be new in Windows "Neptune"?
A: Well for a start you can expect more HTML based pages that to Microsoft Mars being integrated with the operating system. Very little else is actually known so we won't speculate on rumors, just the facts.

Q: Has testing of Windows "Neptune" begun?
A: Yes. As we announced first to the world in early December 1999 Microsoft sent out details of Windows "Neptune" to a select few testers, by the end of the month those testers had their hands on an early version of the operating system. Here is what we wrong about the early release:

There are currently NO significant changes over Windows 2000 (It is classed as Microsoft Windows 2000 5.00.5111 NTC in system properties), no new UI is present as yet and no new features have cropped up so far either - the only main changes are a few Mars Core files (Expected to be the main UI change - Activity centers) but they are currently inoperable and PC Health is now included (From Millennium). There is also a welcome screen with a listing of users, when you switch from user to user, it doesn't close applications or the net connection, very handy, you can also change identity "Pictures" from this new area too.

Q: When is Windows "Neptune" due to be finally released?
A: No date has been announced but it is expected early in 2001.

Q: If I am a games player, should I go for Windows 2000 or wait for "Neptune"?
A: Defiantly wait for Windows "Neptune" for the simple reason that it is designed for the consumer thus is more adept at games playing.


Windows "Neptune" Timeline

Windows "Neptune" Timeline

NDAs sent out to select few testers: December 6th-8th 1999
First alpha release to select testers: December 26th 1999

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