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MPEG-1 Layer 3 (Otherwise known as MP3) is one of the easiest, cheapest, and best ways to compress and deliver stereo-quality sound to your portable player or computer system. The future in digital audio lies within this file format. Before MP3, the best audio-recording method for computers was through WAV Format Files. The problem with WAV recorded audio is that the actual files were huge. For example, if you wanted to record your favorite four minute song to your computer it would create a 40 megabyte file - therefore making the option to record more than one whole CD nearly impossible. Now, with the creation of this compression method, a person can have hundreds of high quality songs recorded on their computer without even thinking about hard drive space.

MP3 makes it possible for people with a regular Internet connection to bypass the retail music market and download near CD-quality music by their favorite musicians for a cheaper price or even free. MP3 is great for consumers, however everybody from the recording companies to the music stores on the retail side hate it. From their viewpoint, all their potential profits is going down the Internet drain. MP3 is one of the great Internet controversies going on today! Welcome to the Audio Revolution on the 'Net!

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