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Name Type License Description
Real Jukebox Beta Both Demoware Plays back music in all the most popular digital audio formats including MP3, RealAudio® G2, and WAV.
MusicMatch Jukebox 1.01 Both Shareware Encode, play, and manage MP3 files.
AudioCatalyst 2.01 Both Demoware Extract and encode CD audio to MP3 format.
Hy CD Play & Record Both Demoware Bundles with the fastest encoder in the world by Xing Technology
Audiograbber 1.50 Ripper Shareware Record music digitally from your CD-ROM drive.
MP3 - Box 2.1 Both Freeware Play, encode, and decode MP3 files with this multifaceted tool.
MP3 Blaster32 1.30.21 Encoder Demoware Try a Standard MP3 player and utility package.
CD-DA Extractor 3.08 Beta Both Shareware Extract and compress WAV, RAW, and MP3 files digitally from CD or DVD
Virtuosa Gold 3.10 Ripper Demoware Rip MP3s and burn CD compilations with this digital audio jukebox.
WinDAC (32-bit) 1.48 Ripper Shareware Copy audio tracks from a CD and convert them into WAV files.
Nex EncodeStudio 2.0 Encoder Freeware Encode and decode your MP3 files in style with this hip tool.
MP3 Enc 2.1 Encoder Shareware Convert WAV files to MP3 format.

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