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News Date: Tuesday 24th August 1999
Today's Top Gaming Headlines:
 UT - Renegade
  • Dungeon Keeper 2 patch v 1.51 released
    Time: 17:08 EDT/22:08 GMT Source: Gone Gold Posted By: Alex H

    A new DK2 patch has been released. Here is a snippet about it:

    The patch is for US and UK versions only. Installing the update will affect your saved games. Your saved games will start you at the beginning of the level once the patch is installed.

    The patch can be downloaded from here and it is 1.1 MB.

  • Rogue Spear Weapons List Revealed
    Time: 15:31 EDT/20:31 GMT Source: Avault Posted By: Alex H

    Nothing is more important to a solider than his implements of war. To inform virtual commanders of their upcoming squad-based tactical action game Rogue Spear, Red Storm Entertainment has released the entire weapons list. The page gives full details on such goods as the Desert Eagle 0.357 and more. Go here to gear up.

  • Hidden & Dangerous Creators Sign With Take-Two
    Time: 15:31 EDT/20:31 GMT Source: Avault Posted By: Alex H

    Take-Two has entered into a publishing agreement with Illusions Softworks, creators of Hidden & Dangerous. Under the agreement, the company has exclusive worldwide publishing rights to the next five PC products created by Illusions, as well as select console and PC add-on publishing rights for each of those products. Initial releases include a Sega Dreamcast version of the game and a PC add-on. Subsequently releases will include Hidden & Dangerous 2 and Gangster.

  • Black and White preview
    Time: 15:31 EDT/20:31 GMT Source: Avault Posted By: Alex H

    Avault have posted a review of Peter Molyneux's upcoming game Black and White. Here is a snippet:

    The premise is certainly an appealing one. Picture a perfect world. More than a paradise, this land is like the Garden of Eden to the tenth power. It's a nirvana, populated by a group of tribes that parallel many of those found in Earth's history; Japanese, Tibetan, Cossack and many others live together in perfect peace and harmony. Players will take the role of a powerful sorcerer who sets up camp in this world to study the activity of the tribes. But it's not all fascination and study; each sorcerer needs the life force generated by the resident population to fuel their magical abilities. Magic is necessary, in turn, because there exists between these demi-gods a constant and vicious rivalry. The tribes of this once-perfect land become pawns in a battle for dominance, feeding the potency of each sorcerer as they strive to establish supremacy over their foes. The type of power brought to the table by worshippers will vary depending on the tribe from which they hail, so while Egyptians may provide you with building magic, Zulus aid the cause with a contribution of combat spells. Balance will, of course, be necessary, but may not be entirely possible based on the tribes to which the player will have access at particular stages of the game.

    If this sounds a bit like Populous, Molyneux's original "god-game", that's not a coincidence. B&W builds on the foundation of the classic title, but also strives to take the genre to an entirely new level. The most interesting aspect of this evolution is that the title judges every action taken and shapes the rest of the world accordingly. Each action is designated by the AI as either good, evil or neutral, and its effects will vary accordingly. Be good consistently, and watch your kingdom metamorphose into a fairy-tale realm full of happy citizens. Do evil, and your taint will spread across the terrain, bringing a dark presence to the land. Everything in the game, from animals to people to trees, can be manipulated and altered according to the player's preference. These can range from frivolous introductions of seemingly inconsequential objects to world-defining acts of power.


  • Shadow Man review
    Time: 15:27 EDT/20:27 GMT Source: Voodoo Extreme Posted By: Alex H

    Next Generation have posted a new review of the Acclaim/Iguana's third-person action/adventure game, Shadow Man. Here is some details about the graphics in the game:

    Graphically, Shadow Man uses Acclaim’s new 3D VISTA engine which allows for almost limitless viewing distances and a complete lack of fog. It seems strange that most of the game is still played in hallways and tunnels, wasting the impact of what claims to be an exceptionally advanced engine. The characters are “soft skinned”, yet player models look awfully pointy, and as soon as they start running around, both good guys and bad guys move with strange, jerky, broom-handle-lodged-where-the-sun-don’t-shine kind of motions. Still, the graphics are more than adequate, and some of the open vistas can be breathtaking.

  • BC3000 2.08 RC2 released
    Time: 15:23 EDT/20:23 GMT Source: Voodoo Extreme Posted By: Alex H

    3dFiles has released a new release candidate of Battle Cruiser 3000. Here is the deatils:

    I am releasing 2.08RC2 to the public because this evening a serious bug in the Glide code was found and fixed. This bug caused the card to hang on return from Logistix, Tactical etc. Since I know that some of you use Glide and do experience this, I am releasing it. Funny enough, when the card dies, it causes the monitor to go out of sync and requires a cold boot sometimes. This fix means that you no longer have to worry about video card refresh rates anymore and there is no longer a need to even mess around with those settings in the bc3k3dfx.bat file anymore! Don't forget to unpatch to v2.07 first. This version contains numerous internal/external optimisations for surface ops. Couple o' more fixes and 2.08 will go final (hence the RC status, instead of Beta). So, please pass the word around and let everyone with a Glide card, download this RC2. v2.08 is not final, so I'm not putting it on the downloads page until then. We're shooting for this weekend.

  • C&C: Renegade At The ECTS
    Time: 04:59 EDT/09:59 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    At this year's ECTS (Which we will be at remember), Westwood Studios will be showing off (behind closed doors) Renegade, a first-person shooter based on the C&C series.


  • Unreal Tournament - Preview
    Time: 04:57 EDT/09:57 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    Inside Mac Games have posted a preview of Epic's Unreal Tournament. At the end of this preview, they also promise more shots and "VR Movies" sometime today.

News Date: Monday 23rd August 1999
Today's Top Gaming Headlines:
 Shadow Man
  • G400Tweak .004 Released
    Time: 13:22 EDT/18:22 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    New (34KB) has been released. The new version has added taskbar icon, help file, context help, and external bitmap support.


  • Shadow Man - Review
    Time: 13:22 EDT/18:22 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    CGO have posted one of the first reviews of Acclaim's new third-person action/adventure game, Shadow Man. Here is a snippet:

    Shadow Man from Acclaim Entertainment will set fire to your senses like a spoonful of Tabasco, and leave you wanting more. This effort, inspired by the Acclaim Comics hero of the same name, was developed by Iguana UK and employs Acclaim's 3D VISTA (Virtually Integrated Scenic TerrAin) graphics engine, allowing for potentially limitless gaming environments and providing more realistic horizons that create a greater sense of spaciousness. Characters are rendered using an advanced "softskin" system, resulting in very fluid and natural movement, and exhibit realistic muscle detail and movement deformation effects, courtesy of Acclaim's Motion Capture system. The main character's shirt actually moves and shifts as the character jumps and twists. Gone are the heady days of characters that resemble screaming bags of Lego blocks.

News Date: Friday 20th August 1999
Today's Top Gaming Headlines:
 DK2 Patch Released
  • Dungeon Keeper 2 - Patch Released
    Time: 13:01 EDT/18:01 GMT Source: Bullfrog E-mail Posted By: Byron

    Yes sir - the first official patch for the excellent Dungeon Keeper 2 has been released. Here are a few of the fixes:

    Gameplay tweaks and additions in this Update

    * 1024x768 resolution supported.
    * Added 'No Mans Land' map. 2 player. Multiplayer and Skirmish.
    * Added 'Circlet' map. 3 Player. Multiplayer and Skirmish.
    * Added 'Patrol' map. 4 player. Multiplayer and Skirmish.
    * Added 'Pressure' map. 3 player. Skirmish only.
    * Added 'Torment' My Pet Dungeon level.
    * Added 'Olympia' map. 4 player. Multiplayer and Skirmish. Also in Bonus Pack 1.
    * "The battle in the Combat Pit is over" is played when only one creature remains.
    * Selecting "Quit" from the main menu now requests confirmation before quitting.
    * "Your Library does not have enough storage" now played when there are more spells to research but no more space.
    * Added "Press Space to go to Debriefing Screen or Escape to continue" at end of levels.
    * Added a bunch more Temple Recipes.
    * Added a check for 150MB disk space (necessary for swap files).
    * Added a flower icon to the Hero Alarm Trap.
    * Added a multi-line chat message window to MP.
    * Added a multiplayer option that makes reinforced walls impenetrable to enemy Imps.
    * Added a new cheat for gaining mana.
    * Added a warning box if player is timing out in multiplayer lobby.
    * Added a warning for when all players in MP don't have the map chosen.
    * Added A3D audio support.
    * Added better confirmation that a game has been saved.
    * Added better lava balls.
    * Added clearer alliance notification in the Allies window in MP.
    * Added current values on slider bars.
    * Added functionality in MP to let you chat once you have died.
    * Added functionality that lets you play on in Single Player with the GUI available.
    * Added 'Message To' functionality in the Allies window in MP.
    * Added Mistress whip effect for Torture Chamber.
    * Added notification of player's defeats in MP.
    * Added the ability to have an allied end in multiplayer.
    * Added the ability to wander the realm as a lost soul once after a multiplayer defeat.
    * Added tooltip for MPD Level Selector.
    * Added Torture flower icon.
    * Added Total Evil Rating calculations and names.
    * Adjusted Freeze Trap mana costs.
    * All players can now see a thumbnail pic of the level in the MP lobby.
    * Alliance information can now be heard by all players.
    * Ally window in MP now shows who is allied to whom.
    * Altered terrain slightly in Hopping.
    * Altered the amount of damage Boulder now takes when hitting a creature.
    * Altered the Knight's melee sounds.
    * Attacking sleeping creatures in first person now wakes them up.
    * Boulders now take damage when slapped.
    * Campaign progress now not saved with MPD or Skirmish.
    * Certain creatures now use the Temple when idle.
    * Changed "New Campaign - Are You Sure?" to only display if a Campaign has already started.
    * Changed Combat Pit tooltip.
    * Changed CPU player so that it uses the Combat Pit.
    * Changed MPD Level Selector tooltip.
    * Changed Library tooltip.
    * Changed Monk's heal usage.
    * Changed the eye-height of some creatures.
    * Changed the highlight on the Hero Portcullis.
    * Changed the highlight on the Fear Trap.
    * Changed the Horny melee timing.
    * Changed the 'Imps moving spellbook' tooltip.
    * Coloured MP messages to differentiate between private, public and server messages.
    * Computer player can now be set in multiplayer games. Will not work properly with all maps.
    * Computer player now deals with neutral rooms better.
    * Computer player stats revised to make some attack earlier.
    * CRC checking of .exes to ensure that in multiplayer the .exes match for all players.
    * Creatures show how much mana they are generating from prayer.
    * Dark Elves now eat and sleep if they need to when patrolling.
    * De-activated game functions when in chat e.g. Zoom/Rotate.
    * Debriefing stats revised.
    * Disallow Full-screen map while game is paused.
    * Each Mana Vault now provides an increase to the maximum amount of Mana.
    * Efficiency tooltips now rounded up.
    * Ensured that creatures cannot get stuck in doors which are opening or closing.
    * Ensured that creatures killed in the Torture Chamber contribute to debriefing stats.
    * Ensured that Imps only drag back unconscious bodies when there is one spare floor tile.
    * Environmental effects default to 'off' (for EAX environment compatible soundcards).
    * Creatures will no longer be targetted in First Person mode.
    * Game settings now saved between games.
    * Given creatures the ability to cast Heal / Armour / Invisibility on themselves, if they have that spell.
    * Hand now taken out of possession spell mode when coming out of possession.
    * 'Heal' Creature Spells now slightly more powerful.
    * Hero Lair texture is now easier on the eyes.
    * Host quitting out of lobby will now automatically kick other players out of that lobby.
    * Imp priorities adjusted slightly.
    * Imps now have their correct death effect in the Temple pool.
    * Imps stats altered so that it's easier for them to reach level 10.
    * Increased the health of MPD Hero Invasion Parties for higher levels.
    * Increased the update rate of the full-screen map.
    * Some Keeper Spells can now be cast into the Temple pool to contribute to Temple Recipes.
    * Lobby chat text now more legible against the background.
    * Made Casino jackpot music only play for one player.
    * Made chat textbox more responsive.
    * Made Hi-Score Table easier to enter.
    * Made Horny immune to freezing.
    * Made it easier to distinguish between separate sub-objectives.
    * Made rewarded creature from Temple Recipe appear at average level of creatures dropped in pool.
    * Magic Doors now only damaged by magic attacks.
    * Mana from Prayer values tweaked for all creatures.
    * More feedback when door is locked/unlocked.
    * More silly speech implemented.
    * MPD quicksave no longer writes over Campaign quicksave.
    * Multiplayer lobby now shows IP Address of all machines.
    * Now easier to get around traps in 1st person.
    * Pay-day timer now starts when first creature joins your side.
    * Player names now shown instead of Player 1, Player 2 etc.
    * Players are now informed of players that have dropped out of a MP game.
    * Reduced frequency of "There is nothing left to research" message.
    * Reduced frequency of "Your Portals have attracted as many creatures as they can".
    * Removed cheats in MP.
    * Rooms, doors and traps cannot be set to researchable in MP game options.
    * Some creatures now use the Casino when idle.
    * Subtitles on Level 5 appear in a better place.
    * The F3 camera option is not as zoomed in.
    * The Mistress now trains more and is less obsessed with the Torture Chamber.
    * Tidied up 2D Front End map sections.
    * Tidied up Control Options in Front End Menu.
    * Tidied up text in the chat window.
    * Tweaked music scripting.
    * When trying to join a game in Internet Dungeon Watch you now also get a message.
    * Winner's name now at the top of a MP debriefing.
    * You can now assign ESC key in game and Front End.

    Fixes in this Update

    * After joining someone else's MP lobby, you no longer inherit their game settings.
    * After loading a saved game, correct debriefing speech now plays.
    * Fixed a Multiplayer problem related to items dangling in the hand.
    * Fixed a problem in MPD Level 3 involving Continual Invasion.
    * Fixed a problem related to decomposing in the Graveyard.
    * Fixed a problem where "Locate Hidden Land" special was appearing at the end of a Skirmish game.
    * Fixed a problem where creatures sometimes cannot get picked up in MPD mode.
    * Fixed a problem where creatures sometimes could not be dropped in MPD mode.
    * Fixed a problem where flowers of creatures in Toolbox flash for no apparent reason.
    * Fixed a problem where movies don't show video on some CD drives.
    * Fixed a problem where players were forced to replay completed missions.
    * Fixed a problem where the first chicken to be picked up would be black.
    * Fixed a problem where you could lose the spells you started with when taking over an enemy Library.
    * Fixed a problem where you couldn't view the "Cut 1" movie.
    * Fixed a problem with MPD Levels 2-6 so that creatures can be dropped back into the Toolbox.
    * Fixed a problem with news update speech on map screen.
    * Fixed a stalemate bug on Level 10.
    * Fixed an Alt+Tab crash
    * Fixed an out of sync problem between German and non-German versions involving Elven Archer torture anim.
    * Fixed an out of sync problem related to jailbreaks.
    * Fixed an "invisible Imp" problem.
    * Fixed Level 20 so that Hero Gates can be collapsed.
    * Fixed problem in multiplayer where loading screen was not shown at some stages.
    * Fixed problem related to experience gained through destroying traps and Dungeon Heart.
    * Fixed problem that caused framerate drop when exposing the map in MP.
    * Fixed problem where "Player Not Responding - Kick Player" message wasn't clearing the thumbnail from the screen.
    * Fixed problem where "Teach your prisoners a lesson - build them a Torture Chamber" got played incorrectly.
    * Fixed problem where "There is nothing more to research" got played incorrectly.
    * Fixed problem where "You have my allegiance, Keeper" got played incorrectly.
    * Fixed problem where being kicked from a lobby was taking a long time before timing out.
    * Fixed problem where creature spell 'Knives' were coming out in the wrong direction.
    * Fixed problem where creatures were shown in the full-screen map at the point they were picked up from.
    * Fixed problem where debriefing wouldn't show after continuing a MPD game.
    * Fixed problem where fire sound would play indefinitely.
    * Fixed problem where frozen creatures in possession won't animate when coming out of possession mode.
    * Fixed problem where Horny would sometimes get stuck on the way to the Portal Gem.
    * Fixed problem where Imps weren't taking crates to blueprints.
    * Fixed problem where it was possible to get idle CPU Keepers in Skirmish.
    * Fixed problem where it was possible to get overlapping GUI windows.
    * Fixed problem where Portal Gem was created in an incorrect place after a game had been loaded.
    * Fixed problem where rebelling creatures leaving the dungeon were getting stuck.
    * Fixed problem where some walls weren't getting rendered when exiting possession mode.
    * Fixed problem with duplicated level objectives screenshots in mission briefings.
    * Fixed problem with sound in movie player on Aureal cards.
    * Fixed Voodoo and non-MMX machine config problem.
    * Game installed to a path without spaces in now runs from the Autorun menu.
    * High Score Table no longer displays "Level 20" after completing a Secret Level.
    * Temple created creatures now never get stuck in the pool.
    * Valid video mode now set up for Matrox Millenium video card.


  • C&C 2: Tiberian Sun Video
    Time: 07:18 EDT/12:18 GMT Source: E-mail Posted By: Byron

    3DFiles has posted a movie from Westwood's C&C Tiberian Sun. It's a 50MB download though - so maybe you're just better off waiting for a week and picking up the game.

News Date: Thursday 19th August 1999
Today's Top Gaming Headlines:
 Outcast - Fifa 2000
  • Darkstone - Patch Details
    Time: 16:01 EDT/21:01 GMT Source: E-mail Posted By: Byron

    AVault have posted some info from directly from GOD (The company that is) on what's going to be fixed in the first patch for Darkstone. Here are a few of the fixes

    • The chat box will support 80 characters
    • Chat messages will be visible by the sender
    • A life bar will be displayed on all characters in cooperative mode
    • The server can end the session of another player using "K" following by the player number
    • A new level of difficulty -- Hero
    • The ability to call your second character using "D"
    • The ability to pre-select the spell for the second character using Shift and 1-8
    You can find out what else has been fixed here.


  • Fifa 2000 - Preview
    Time: 07:18 EDT/12:18 GMT Source: E-mail Posted By: Byron has posted a preview of EA Sports upcoming football game that I personally can't wait for, FIFA 2000. Here is a snippet from the preview:

    About this time each and every year, soccer buffs around the world get giddy with glee waiting for the release of EA Sports' newest FIFA installment. Given the series' consistent quality, that's no surprise, but this year FIFA fans really have something to be excited about: Not only are we at the turn of the millennium, but we're also looking at what may be the most ambitious FIFA title yet! And I'm not just talking about the much-appreciated addition of America's Major League Soccer players and teams. No, I mean gameplay additions that may forever change the way soccer video games are played.


  • Outcast Ships In The US
    Time: 07:18 EDT/12:18 GMT Source: E-mail Posted By: Byron

    Appeal's third-person voxel action/adventure title, has shipped in the US and should be in stores by the week's end. There's also a demo of the game for download on The Outcast website. It's an extremely large download though.

    Check out our review of Outcast

News Date: Wednesday 18th August 1999
Today's Top Gaming Headlines:
 Terminal Reality
  • Aliens Versus Predator - Walkthrough
    Time: 16:20 EDT/21:20 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    AvP World has posted a walkthrough for all of the single-player missions for Aliens vs. Predator.

  • Kali 1.99b
    Time: 16:16 EDT/21:16 GMT Source: Desktop Watch Posted By: Byron

    A new version of Kali has been released. Kali is the world's largest Internet gaming network enabling Internet play of the most popular multiplayer games for over 250,000 players, on more than 600 servers in 65 countries.

  • Microsoft Scores Big With New PC Sports Games
    Time: 09:10 EDT/14:10 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Get off the couch and into the game! Take it to the hoop or run it into the end zone with "NBA Inside Drive 2000" and "NFL Fever 2000" from Microsoft Corp., scheduled to be available in stores Aug. 26th. The announcement comes as exciting news to sports enthusiasts and PC gamers eager to experience the life-like intensity and excitement these titles bring to the PC for an estimated retail price of only $19.99 each (actual retail prices may vary). With the simultaneous release of "NFL Fever 2000" and "NBA Inside Drive 2000," gamers receive double the action-packed, hair-raising gameplay Microsoft's sports lineup has to offer.

  • Force Commander Preview
    Time: 04:39 EDT/09:39 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    Gamecenter has posted a preview of Lucas Arts long delayed, Star Wars Real Time Strategy title Force Commander. You can check out the preview of the here.

  • H&D Patch 1.2 On The Way
    Time: 04:37 EDT/09:37 GMT Source: Voodoo Extreme Posted By: Byron

    Check out this post, posted on TacticalPlanet, regarding planned fixes, additions, and improvements for Hidden and Dangerous patch v1.2:

    Got word from Michal Bacik, Lead Programmer at IllusionSoftworks, that they are in the testing phase for the Hidden & Dangerous Patch v1.2. Here is a list of the planned fixes, additions and improvements for the next H&D patch:

    1. Full configurable controllers.
    2. Crashes when leaving static guns.
    3. Mouse lag.
    4. Quick game load.
    5. Cars - crashing people.
    6. Boats - death of on-board soldiers.

    The team is also busy working on several in-language versions of the game as well (Korean, Japanese and several others). They are keeping really busy and they are also planning to attend the upcoming ECTS in London, September 5-7. They will be in the Take2 booth, GL100 on the 1st Floor. If you live in London be sure to attend and drop us a line about what you saw.


  • Terminal Reality - Interview
    Time: 04:35 EDT/09:35 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    The FiringSquad has posted an interview with Terminal Reality, the developers of the third-person perspective horror game, Nocturne. Here is a snippet:

    FS: The camera in Nocturne is static to help keep framerates up, right? Do you think that video cards with transform and lighting (NVIDIA NV10) will allow for a Nocturne sequel with a moveable camera?

    TR: Hardware transform and lighting would make Nocturne slower and look worse. People really don't understand what the bottlenecks are in 3D right now. Since our game does skeletal animation of characters, we can easily append on transform operations with no time hit. Because of that, we know which polys are visible, and which aren't, so we only have to upload the visible polys, instead of all the polys, which makes rendering much faster. Half the number of polygons uploaded to the card every frame doubles your frame rate. It's that simple. Also, using hardware transforms, we'd have to upload twice the geometry that's necessary to render each frame. If we left all the geometry on the card to combat that, then that wouldn't leave any room for texture maps. And for hardware lighting, we could use it, but you'd loose the real-time shadows. Would you mind loosing the real-time shadows? We would.

News Date: Tuesday 17th August 1999
Today's Top Gaming Headlines:
  • 5.20 Drivers For G200/400 On The Way
    Time: 12:03 EDT/17:03 GMT Source: E-mail Posted By: Byron

    Here's the latest on what is fixed in the upcoming 5.20 drivers for the G200 and G400 and what is in progress:

    - Simcity 3000 - Flickering with G200
    Status: Fixed
    - Darkstone - Flickering with G200
    Status: Fixed
    - Quest for Glory V - Goes back to desktop
    Status: In progress
    - Half Life - Corrupted Textures
    Status: In progress
    - Quake 3 Test - Switching color depth
    Status: Fixed
    - Final Fantasy VII - Not working with G400
    Status: Fixed
    - T.A: Kingdoms - Corrupted textures in menus
    Status: Fixed
    - Rogue Squadron - Not working with G400
    Status: Lucasarts is looking into it

  • Messiah and EMBM
    Time: 09:09 EDT/14:09 GMT Source: Voodoo Extreme Posted By: Byron

    Just checking out Messiah message board and spotted a Q&A on whether or not Messiah will support Matrox's EMBM (Environment Mapped Bump Mapping). Here's what Messiah's Producer had to say:

    As Messiah gets closer to completion we are evaluating all sorts of cards and peripherals which the game may eventually support. While the game does not support bump mapping at the moment, we are currently working with Matrox to see if such a feature might be a positive addition to the title. Keep an eye on in the upcoming weeks, if we decide to support bump mapping, you’ll probably see the screens posted there first.
    Stuart Roch
    Shiny Entertainment

    Let's hope it happens, it is announced as being one the games that will support it on the Matrox site.


  • G400 Review @ ExtremeHardware
    Time: 09:07 EDT/14:07 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    ExtremeHardware has posted a review of Matrox's G400  powered Millennium board. They've included tons of performance tests, overclocking, screenshots, and a comparison to the TNT2 Ultra.

News Date: Monday 16th August 1999
Today's Top Gaming Headlines:
 G400 - Q3 - Swat 3 - Unreal & DX7
  • Doom Movie Doomed?
    Time: 17:33 EDT/22:33 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    It sounds as if the big screen version of the Doom computer game has gone up in smoke.. According to the IGN SciFi website, John Carmack owner of Id Software and one of the programmers of the game revealed at the QuakeCon gaming convention that the project is kaput. The site quotes Carmack as saying that the company looked at "at a couple of scripts" which were described as "awful." Carmack also revealed that TriStar let the film option on the project lapse and no one else has come looking to pick them up. One of the scripts mentioned may have been the script to have been written by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, as reported in the Insider way back on December 21, 1998.

  • Blizzard At The ECTS
    Time: 16:59 EDT/21:59 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    Blizzard Entertainment sent out a media advisory today announcing that they will hold a press conference at the European Computer Trade Show (We'll be there btw) to announce its next game title. The product announcement will be followed by a brief question and answer session. Press kits will be distributed to media types at the end of the press conference.

    The press conference will take place on September 5 from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m at the European Computer Trade Show - Henly Suite, Olympia Conference Center London, England.

  • Dungeon Keeper 2 Patch Delayed
    Time: 16:52 EDT/21:52 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    As expected, the Dungeon Keeper 2 patch has been delayed until later on in the week. Here's the blurb:

    The DK2 update that was scheduled for release on Friday 13th has had to be delayed, due to last minute bug fixes. To give you some details, we've had a few problems implementing the code that allows you to carry on playing after completing a level. Once you had completed a level, creatures dropped from the hand were invisible! Obviously, being able to continue after winning the level is an important feature, that a lot of players of DK2 have asked for, and we want to get it absolutely right.

    Tonight, we shoud be building a final version, but this means that it will need to go back through the whole testing procedure, tonight and over the weekend, to make sure that one feature does not knock another out of place. Hopefully, if the update does not come out of the testing phase, we'll be able to post the update some time next week. When it's ready to be posted, you'll be able to download it from here.

    Once again, sorry for the delay. Everyone here is working flat out to get this update out to you, but it's vital to us that when we do post it, it's to the best quality we can make. We hope you understand, and thank you for your continued patience.

    The DK2 Team (realizing that scheduling for Friday 13th was a BIG mistake!)

  • The F.A. Premier League Stars - Review
    Time: 12:06 EDT/17:06 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron

    The F.A Premier League Stars - ReviewI have posted my review of EA Sports latest. The F.A. Premier League Stars. Here is a snippet from the review:

    It isn't all doom & gloom though as EA Sports have added one good feature that Fifa players have been asking for, the power bar. The power bar allows you to judge how far or fast you will shoot or lob the ball, this makes doing different types of shots much, much easier. There is also now an on-screen health bar showing your players energy rates, this helps you decide when or if you will drag the player off the field and replace him with another. The replays have also been improved, after you score a goal you are greeted to replays from multiple angles, not just the one view like in Fifa 99.

  • Unreal & DirectX 7
    Time: 05:59 EDT/10:59 GMT Source: E-mail Posted By: Byron

    The Unreal Technology Page has been updated with information regarding DirectX7. Here is all of the news:

    Some people have been asking about our plans for supporting the upcoming DirectX7. Unreal Tournament will ship with DirectX6 support, and will be compatible with (but not optimized for) DirectX7. As soon as Microsoft has released DirectX7 and we've had a chance to optimize the code for DX7 and test it across a wide range of cards, we'll release an Unreal Tournament patch with complete DirectX7 optimizations. This has been the plan all along.

    DirectX7 has lots of cool new features. The ones which Unreal Tournament will exploit are:
    Improved texture management.
    Hooks to enable 3D card drivers to perform their own texture management to improve performance.
    Optimized polygon path for significantly faster polygon rates. Windows 2000 support.


  • Bleem! 1.4a Released
    Time: 05:54 EDT/10:54 GMT Source: 3DFiles Posted By: Byron

    3DFiles has posted Bleem! 1.4a. This new version of the extremely popular Playstation emulator fixes CDROM problems, some D3D transition issues, and adds a few other things.

    Download it here. (600KB)


  • Police Quest: Swat 3 - Interview
    Time: 05:53 EDT/10:53 GMT Source: CGO Posted By: Byron

    To go with our other news just a minute ago, Gaming Age Online has put up an interview with Rod Fung, the producer of Sierra's upcoming SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle. Here is a snippet from the interview:

    GA: I have noticed when shot, but not fatally, a player leaves a trail of blood. Is it possible to bleed to death? If so will there be ways of preventing this?

    Rod: No, I’m sorry, the player will not bleed to death, but you will be able to track down wounded suspects by following their blood. There will also be an option to turn the ‘blood’ off if that is desired.

  • Police Quest: Swat 3 - Preview
    Time: 05:51 EDT/10:51 GMT Source: CGO Posted By: Byron

    CGO has posted the third installment of their preview of Sierra's SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle. Here's a snippet

    Thus are the laws of physics in computer-generated reality. Or at least they has been—SWAT 3 Close Quarters Battle hopes to change that. In the game, environmental objects such as walls and doors are each assigned penetration characteristics depending on the nature of the substance. When a player (or a suspect) fires a weapon, the bullets will penetrate to a specific depth based on the material in question (wood, plaster, glass… even flesh) and the type of weapon and ammunition used. The screenshots above illustrate an example of how bullets (fired from an M4A1 Carbine) can penetrate walls and kill a character on the other side. Note the exit holes on the back of the wall, and the smaller holes on the facing wall across the hallway. It is not inconceivable that bullets could penetrate multiple surfaces, depending on the material, weapon, and ammo in question.

  • Quake 3 Arena Wallpaper
    Time: 05:47 EDT/10:47 GMT Source: Voodoo Extreme Posted By: Byron

    Well we are a Windows based site, so here are some wallpaper files that were sent into Voodoo Extreme.

    S.Garofalo fired off two sweet new Quake3 inspired images, perfect for wallpaper. Of course these are not official (from id), but they do look pretty damn cool (he did a little something different with the logo). Check 'em out (both images are at 1081x1344):

    Quake3arena_wall1_thumb.jpeg (16371 bytes) Quake3arena_wall2_thumb.jpeg (19338 bytes)

  • G400 Overclocking
    Time: 05:02 EDT/10:02 GMT Source: Murc News Posted By: Alex H

    There are a few benchmarks over on MGA Optimisation Tools from beta testers of MGATweak which is looking very slick and should be out in open beta soon. 

    Look at the highlighted improvement on fillrate after overclocking. It can be as high as 20%. Another interesting result is that in both cases, the fillrate improvement is almost the same regardless of the CPU used. However, Intel Pentium III seems to have a much better utilization of the tremendous fillrate the G400 offers. This shows that G400 is clearly CPU-bounded. With more powerful next generation CPUs coming out, such as AMD Athlon and Intel Mercs, we can expect G400 performance to scale accordingly. On the other hand, let's hope that Matrox will once again flex his muscles on driver development, offloading more processing chores from the host CPU to G400. That will definitely improve the low-res performance and make G400 sell like hot cake!


  • G400 Tweak released
    Time: 04:58 EDT/09:58 GMT Source: 3D Guru Posted By: Alex H

    The Matrox User's Resource Group has posted a new utility for the Matrox G400 (MAX and vanilla), G400Tweak, that allows you to alter various registry settings that should boost the performance of the G400. Apparently they have also posted behnchmarks on MGA Optimization Tools from beta testers of MGATweak (which they say should be available in an open beta soon). Visit resource group

News Date: Saturday 14th August 1999
Today's Top Gaming Headlines:
  • System Shock 2 Review
    Time: 13:31 EDT/18:31 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    Monolithic Illusions has posted a review of System Shock 2. Here is a snippet:

    Gameplay: This is where a game counts the most. Some games look and sound very good, but the gameplay is tedious and boring. Not the case with SS2! Personally, I believe this is the scariest game made, next to Thief. It is not rare to be exploring a room and all of a sudden look back and see a giant mutant swinging a lead pipe at your head! This is definitely not a game where you kill a guy and move on, never turning your back. In order to survive, you must be paranoid! On top of that, there are ghosts that haunt some parts of the ship, and, while they can't hurt you, they will definitely make your heart skip a beat when they appear. One of the most remarkable aspects of SS2 is the AI. If an enemy is alerted to your presence, he will track you down.

News Date: Friday 13th August 1999
Today's Top Gaming Headlines:
 Braveheart Patch - Planet Heat - System Shock 2 Navy details
  • Dungeon Keeper 2 Easter Egg Found
    Time: 11:50 EDT/04:50 GMT Source: me! Posted By: Alex R.

    Bullfrog pulled off an Easter Egg!  Last night while playing DK2 really late, I was working on level 14 (14b I think)... while training my creatures in the combat pit... at around 1:30 into the game, I was notified that the "Jackpot was hit!" in my casino.  I scrolled over to the casino and heard "Disco Inferno" playing and the monsters were dancing.  Fireworks were also going off all around the room.  It was pretty hilarious.  Incidentally, my casino was set to "generous."

  • Dungeon Keeper 2 - Bonus Pack 2 Released
    Time: 16:50 EDT/21:50 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron

    Bullfrog seem to have failed with their long awaited patch for Dungeon Keeper 2 (It was due today) but they have released a new Bonus Pack which includes a new level.

  • Beta Testers For Pharaoh
    Time: 16:29 EDT/21:29 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    Impressions Games have announced they will be accepting beta testers for the upcoming Winter release of Pharaoh. 

    Beginning August 16th through August 20th, game fans can visit the official Pharaoh Web site to register to become an official beta tester for Impressions Games.  To qualify, gamers need only have a desire to play and test the game and offer quality feedback in the time frame specified.  Once the registration process is complete, Impressions Games will begin notifying those selected to participate via e-mail beginning Monday, August 23.

  • Kingpin Review
    Time: 14:44 EDT/19:44 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    Guru 3D has posted a Kingpin review. It includes a few screenshots. Here is a snippet:

    The language in the game might be considered a bit harsh by the prudes and other cretins who have nothing better to do except bitch about things that don't concern them, but it suits the game perfectly. It's hard to imagine a pimp going up to you and saying "Excuse me, my good man. Would you mind not looking at this young lady?". Let's face it, "Yo, don't be lookin' at ma bitch!" is much more realistic. Come to think of it, that's about the nicest thing anyone has to say to you during the game.

  • John Carmack's Quake 3 presentation
    Time: 12:33 EDT/17:33 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Alex H

    I got an email today with a link on it that has an in depth summary of John Carmack's Quake 3 Presentation at QuakeCon '99. Over on 3D Action Planet they have the info which can be seen here.

  • System Shock 2 "Navy" character details
    Time: 12:33 EDT/17:33 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Alex H

    I got an email today about the Navy character details. Here is what the Press Release had to say:

    Electronic Arts and Looking Glass Studios today revealed details about the "Navy" character in the new sci-fi/horror RPG, System Shock 2, which hits stores this week. The Navy character undergoes the most balanced training of all of the game's characters, picking up skills in all types of basic weaponry, computers, and a small smattering of psi skills.

    The Navy character possesses great technical skill, and can manipulate weapons by modifying them to have shorter reload times or larger ammo clips. Additionally, as weapons decay and jam over time, Navy characters with a few abilities in repairing or maintaining weapons can greatly extend the life of their weapons, and even themselves.

    System Shock 2 also features non-combat skills that the Navy character can learn, such as researching alien organs (which can give advantages in combat) and hacking. Hacking allows a player to do a number of interesting things, like disable security cameras, break into computer-locked rooms, and even lower the cost of certain ammo and items available throughout the ship's replicators.

    Hacking a computer, keypad, or replicator brings up a hack screen with the difficulty of the hack identified on screen (which changes, depending on the players' abilities). For a small cost, the player can try to hack these systems, but failure could result in the item breaking, or even exploding. These tactics are simple to use and understand, and add a great deal to the game. In fact, a player can hack a security system, find slug and laser turrets that are disabled, and then hack those as well. Then, the turret will attack enemies for the player.


  • Planet Heat to be unveiled at the ECTS
    Time: 12:14 EDT/17:14 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Alex H

    I got an email today from Human Soft about their new game Planet Heat. Here is what the press release had to say and some screen shots:

    Human Soft Inc. is unveiling its latest futuristic racing action game in development at the California Pavilion (G552B) during the European Computer Trade Show, in London, England. This single player and multiplayer game is set on different planets as well as in special deathmatch arenas. Our goal in exhibiting at ECTS is to find a publisher for this superb PC title that should hit shelves for Christmas 1999.

    Human Soft has been developing Planet HEAT, a Windows 95 game for one and a half years utilizing proprietary technology. The 3D engine was specifically developed for Planet HEAT. It supports a whapping 10,000 polygons simultaneously, allowing it to display any planet's terrain in a life-like fashion. Racing conditions range from mere rain to severe tornadoes. Some powerups, such as turbo mode, help you in your endeavors, while others, such as a puncture, hinder you. The race is against aggressive AI cars that swiftly roam towards the finish, not keeping to any pre-set path.

    Planet HEAT  Planet HEAT_01.jpg (101318 bytes)  Planet HEAT_02.jpg (139913 bytes)

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 Website Launched
    Time: 07:07 EDT/12:07 GMT Source: CNet Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft announced today that the official Web site for Flight Simulator 2000, the new version of the Flight Simulator franchise, is now live at

    The Flight Simulator 2000 Web site offers a wealth of information such as a detailed features list for both the Professional Edition and the Standard Edition that is designed for seasoned and novice pilots alike. The site also provides current news and articles, links to the flight simulation community, and screen shots.

    The official Web site features exclusive screenshots of some of Flight Simulator 2000's aircraft, such as the Boeing 737, Boeing 777-300, Bell 206 Helicopter, and Raytheon Beech King Air 350. Flight Simulator enthusiasts can also view exterior and interior shots of the Mooney Bravo and an interior shot of the Cessna 182.

  • Braveheart 3.14 Patch released
    Time: 06:37 EDT/11:37 GMT Source: Avault Posted By: Alex H

    Just read on Avault that a new patch for Braveheart has been released. Here is what it fixes:

    -Some general stability problems relating to compatibility with lower-end 3D graphics cards. Specifically a texture leak that caused some slow-down and a camera bug where F4 moved the camera to an 'illegal' position.
    -Multi-player game is now fully functional under TCP/IP (although some stability issues may occur)
    -The bug which prevented players from completing the tutorial has now been fixed.
    -A specific warning message has now been added if the system is running low on hard-drive space.
    -Improved AI in 3D world relating to water. This fixes an occaisional problem where manouvering troops in close proximity to water could result in a game crash. Troops will now no longer appear near to water and will avoid rather than blindly ignore these features.
    -Improved AI and game mechanics when the user invades England.

    This patch is for UK/European versions only and can be downloaded from here (3.95MB)

  • Drakan to Feature Gore ''Lock-Out'' Feature
    Time: 06:34 EDT/11:34 GMT Source: Avault Posted By: Alex H

    Psygnosis' forthcoming PC game, DRAKAN Order of the Flame, will include an option that enables parents to restrict the level of graphic violence viewed by their children. The company said it believes the inclusion of this password-protected violence reduction feature will help ensure that the violent content will not hinder the game’s broad appeal when it hits North American shelves on Aug. 20. Although a fantasy-based action and adventure offering that does not contain guns or human opponents, the publisher ventured its hand-to-hand sword combat may be too graphic for some players.

  • EA To Unveil Alice on Friday the 13th?
    Time: 06:30 EDT/11:30 GMT Source: Avault Posted By: Alex H

    Electronic Arts is going to be uploading some mysterious surprises today to the website for American McGee’s Alice in Wonderland-based 3D shooter. The official site contains the admonition to return at 11:00 PST today -- if you dare. For more information, read our news item announcing the title.

    These will be welcome changes that should leverage the emerging DVD consumer-base. For the nostaligic, our early preview of the game is available here.

News Date: Thursday 12th August 1999
Today's Top Gaming Headlines:
 H&D Patch - Fly! Patch
  • 20,000 Leagues to Benefit from DVD Technology
    Time: 14:28 EDT/19:28 GMT Source: Avault Posted By: Byron

    For ages, the three most dubious words in adventure gaming were “full motion video.” Many games that claimed to offer unparalleled realism due to use of the technology offered little more than rigid boredom. SouthPeak Interactive attempted to change this perception with a technological innovation called Video Reality, intending to improve full motion video's image.

    Early titles that used the engine demonstrated that PC hardware had not advanced to the point that games could benefit from the technology. Dark Side of the Moon was shipped on six CD-ROMs and played out in a small, choppily-rendered window. A DVD-ROM version was later made available, but no changes had been made to the window size or rendering speed. Now, due to a vastly improved engine and a better generation of hardware, the publisher is set to change things for good.

    The Adrenaline Vault has learned that a number of exciting changes are in motion for their next adventure title to use Video Reality, 20000 Leagues: The Adventure Continues, based on the Jules Verne novel and due out in Spring 2000. For starters, the game will ship on a single DVD-ROM, which means an end to disc swapping. Additionally, by developing the title specifically for the chubby storage medium, which can hold up to 17 times more information than a traditional CD-ROM, the designers were able to switch to wide screen for navigation and full screen for dramatics and conversations.

    These will be welcome changes that should leverage the emerging DVD consumer-base. For the nostaligic, our early preview of the game is available here.

  • European Air War Patch
    Time: 08:55 EDT/13:55 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    A new EAW 1.2 patch has been released, which mostly improves multiplayer lag and warping problems, but adds a few new features and functions.

    DOWNLOAD - 6 Megs

  • Quake 3 Bus
    Time: 05:04 EDT/10:04 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    CGO, has have posted a small feature on the id/Activision's  Quake III bus that is making its way through a few of the states in the west of the US.

  • New Voodoo3 3500TV Drivers
    Time: 05:00 EDT/10:00 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    3dfx has released new drivers for their recently released Voodoo3 3500TV video card. You can download the new drivers from their website here.

  • Fly! Patch Released
    Time: 04:59 EDT/09:59 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    VoodooExtreme mentions that there is a patch out for Fly! (Only released last week in Europe), from the guys/girls over at Terminal Reality. You can download this 2.07MB patch from Avault here.


  • US Hidden & Dangerous Patch 1.1
    Time: 04:57 EDT/09:57 GMT Source: AGN 3D Posted By: Byron

    AGN have posted a new patch for the US version of Hidden & Dangerous, version 1.1. Here is the info and local download link:

    US Patch v 1.1 corrects the following problems:

    • Zooming in sniper or binocs mode - sometimes, the zoom resets after movement....FIXED
    • Dropping weapons held in hands in FP mode when laying - aim object still shown....FIXED
    • Tanks problems (2 turrets after destroying, driving if driver is enemy soldier)....FIXED
    • Internet gameplay with more players shows a big latency and sync problems. ...IMPROVED
    • Random deaths at missions with trains/trams (Italy1, Danube2)....FIXED
    • Loading saved game - soldiers in vehicle standing, or laying soldiers floating in air....FIXED
    • Improper item saving in game profile after mission finished....FIXED
    • Great slow-down in campaign 1 missions 5,6 and few other missions within the game....OVERALL SPEED OF GAME INCREASED
    • Gun site randomly disappearing in 1st person mode....FIXED
    Additional features:
    • An aiming line drawn for static guns and tank turrets when used by player. This makes aiming such guns much easier.

    Download Locations:
    Click here to download the patch (3.13MB)

News Date: Wednesday 11th August 1999
Today's Top Gaming Headlines:
 System Shock 2 Ships - 3DNow! TR3 Patch
  • Sid Meier's Antietam preview on IGN
    Time: 15:26 EDT/20:26 GMT Source: IGN Posted By: Alex H

    IGN has posted a preview of the new Sid Meier game, Antieam, which is a Civil War game. Here is a snippet of the preview:

    Sid Meier's Antietam builds on the engine that made Gettysburg such a success. It's combination of real-time strategy and detailed but intuitive interface have won loyal fans. The combat is all based at the regimental level on a fully rotatable 3D, contoured battle map. The map is incredible. Not only is it one of the most faithful, contoured reproductions of an actual battlefield I've seen. It's also pretty good looking in its own right.

  • Tribes' Lead Designer Leaves Company
    Time: 11:53 EDT/16:53 GMT Source: Avault Posted By: Alex H

    The lead designer of Dynamix’s Starsiege Tribes is leaving to join Electronic Arts online games division as the lead designer on an upcoming multiplayer title. Scott Youngblood has been with the Eugene, Ore.-based developer for nine years; recently he has been serving as the lead designer on the sequel. He updated his .plan today to announce his upcoming departure and express his feelings regarding his years at Dynamix.

    “It has been a great nine years here in Eugene, and I will always [remember] these years fondly. The decision to leave was very difficult for me, but I have an opportunity I cannot pass up,” he wrote. He also mentioned that development on the sequel is "progressing very nicely." Youngblood’s entire .plan update can be read here.


  • ION Departures
    Time: 10:57 EDT/15:57 GMT Source: 3D News Posted By: Alex H

    It looks like another ION person has left. My Finger Shack tells me that Mike Montague no longer has a .plan at ION. Also according to My Finger Shack, he was the AI and Sound Programmer.

  • QuakeCon 99 a Hit 
    Time: 10:46 EDT/15:46 GMT Source: Gamecenter Posted By: Alex H

    What started three years ago as a way for die-hard fans of id Software's Quake to get together and frag one another on a LAN (local-area network) has grown into a company-sponsored, high-profile, three-day event, complete with workshops, tournaments, and plenty of prizes. Braving the blistering Texas heat (which reached more than 100 degrees each day), and dodging insects the size of bread loaves, more than 1,000 gamers descended on QuakeCon 99 in the Mesquite Convention Center last weekend. We have the details, along with a few pictures.

    Late Thursday, the night before the event officially opened, the line of gamers queued up to preregister stretched down the hall, even as the final network setup was taking place. Security was tight, with a number of volunteers filling out and checking detailed inventories of each gamers' equipment, and two uniformed police officers on duty at all times. It was pretty quiet at the beginning, because the network wouldn't be live until Friday morning.

  • Final Fantasy VIII Publisher Announced 
    Time: 10:46 EDT/15:46 GMT Source: Gamespot UK Posted By: Alex H

    Eidos, not Square EA, will publish Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VIII for the PC. On Tuesday morning, Eidos announced that it has extended its agreement with Squaresoft to publish the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII, despite Square's yearlong association with Electronic Arts. Under the terms of this deal, Eidos will release Final Fantasy VIII throughout Europe and Australia as soon as the PC port is complete.

    "Eidos' commitment to the PC version of Final Fantasy VII has been obvious, and we have no doubt that our continuing relationship with Eidos will be mutually beneficial, resulting in strong sales of the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII," said Square president and CEO Tomoyuki Takechi.

  • C&C2 Screenshots 
    Time: 10:40 EDT/15:40 GMT Source: AGN Posted By: Alex H

    Gamers Depot has posted a few new C&C2 screenshots.

    "The cool blokes down at Westwood Studios just fired off these new screen shots at us!   The lower graphics are at a higher quality, and may take a tad longer to load in..... Enjoy!"

  • 3DNow! Tomb Raider 3 Patch released 
    Time: 10:35 EDT/15:35 GMT Source: AGN Posted By: Alex H

    3DNow sent word that has the new 3DNow! Tomb Raider 3 Patch available for download. Tomb Raider 3 3DNow! Patch. Download [466 kb]

    Tombraider III AMD's 3DNOW! Patch The new EXE file has been optimized to support AMD's 3DNOW! technology. This is a self extracting .zip file which will update your tomb3.exe file. If for some reason you'd like to switch back to the original TOMB3.EXE, simply re-install the game per instructions in your manual.

  • System Shock 2 Ships
    Time: 10:28 EDT/15:28 GMT Source: Email Posted By: Alex H

    Prepare to be SHOCKed! Electronic Arts(TM) and Looking Glass Studios today shipped System Shock(TM) 2, a 3D science fiction/horror role-playing game (RPG) and sequel to System Shock, one of the most critically acclaimed computer games in history. The game, which again pits players against the evil artificial intelligence SHODAN, was co-developed by Looking Glass Studios and Irrational Games, and is being co-published by Looking Glass Studios and Electronic Arts. The title will begin hitting stores today and will be available nationwide by Friday, with a suggested retail price of $44.95. The initial shipment will be available in a limited edition package with chromium embossing.

    "The wait is finally over for gamers who got hooked on Shock and have been looking forward to System Shock 2," said Paul Neurath, managing director of Looking Glass Studios. "When they come face to face with Shodan, they're going to feel like their worst enemy is back."

  • GLClock 5.0 released
    Time: 10:28 EDT/15:28 GMT Source: Voodoo Extreme Posted By: Alex H

    I just read on Voodoo Extreme that GLClock 5.0 has just been released. Here is a snippet of what it is about:

    This version support for more graphic cards, such as the Voodoo3. GLClock renders a clock (with your time) in real-time using OpenGL as acceleration. To benchmark your OpenGL speed use the benchmark.bat file. Wood, Marble and Sky the different shades the clock can have.

    It is a 599 kb and can be gotten from here.

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