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Product: TV Photo Viewer
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: $159.00
Review By: Robert Stein


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Setup
3: System Requirements

4: Design & Hardware Use
5. TV Photo Viewer Software
6: Troubleshooting
7: Conclusion

In this day and age consumers are always looking for innovative and technically advanced (and friendly) products that take advantage of today’s digital world. This product may be a high resolution digital printer or camera or whatever is catching to one’s eyes at the time. What has specifically caught Microsoft’s eyes is the opportunity to penetrate this fast-growing market with a product that meets consumers’ expectations for today’s digital standards: easy-to use, high quality, and technologically superior at a good price. This product is Microsoft TV Photo Viewer, a device which allows consumers to view their digital pictures in the convenience of their home or workplace – away from the need of a computer. To achieve this goal Microsoft has accompanied this product with software which allows users to retrieve, edit and organize digital pictures for later viewing on a television. By this point you may be thinking if Microsoft’s debut into this market is justified with the launch Microsoft TV Photo Viewer? That’s what we’ll explore in this review.  

Microsoft TV Photo Viewer Features

  • Retrieve Photos. Use any photos you want from a digital camera, scanner, Photo CD, e-mail or other sources in popular formats like JPEG.

  • Make Albums. Use Microsoft TV Photo Viewer PC software (included) to create digital photo albums of up to 40 pictures. Add captions, crop photos and optimize photos for TV viewing. Organize albums on disk and take them with you – or send them to loved ones.

  • View on TV. Simply insert the disk into the Microsoft TV Photo Viewer and start viewing your photos on TV. And the device automatically optimizes photos for superior quality on the TV you’re using.

  • Microsoft Picture It! Express software offers advanced photo editing features. For example, you can fix red-eye, sharpen focus and more. You can use Picture It! Express to get creative with projects like photo calendars, greeting cards and more.

  • Sample Albums. This includes five albums from Corbis featuring great action, nature and underwater photos to get you started. 

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