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Product: Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Pro Joystick
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: $129.00

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Review By: Matthew Sabean


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Settings
3: Game Trials
4: Conclusion

With the SideWinder Game Controller 3.02 Software you can program up to 16 game actions to the joysticks control as well as set the varying degree of forces you wish to encounter.

    Installation and Settings:
  • Plug in the joystick to your computers game port.
  • Install the SideWinder Game Controller 3.02 Software.
  • Open Microsoft Sidewinder Central.

Microsoft Sidewinder Central

From here you can access Game Controllers, the Game Controller Profiler, the online introduction, help, and troubleshooting information. Double-click the SideWinder icon in the taskbar to open SideWinder Central.


Control Panel-Game Controllers

Go here to test your SideWinder game controller's buttons, to add and remove game controllers, and to change global settings (settings that apply to all games).


SideWinder Game Controller Profiler

Use the Profiler to customize your SideWinder game controller's performance. Create, save, and manage custom settings, called "profiles," and use them in your games.


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