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Product: Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Racing Wheel
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: $79.95/50
Review By: Byron Hinson


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Installation
3: Racing Wheel Design
4: Game Trials
5: Settings
6: Conclusion

The Microsoft SideWinder Gaming Control software 4.0 allows you to fiddle with a number of settings for the Racing Wheel, here are a few of the features:


  • View the available schemes for your steering wheel.
  • Select a scheme to make it active in your game, or to make changes to it.
  • Print a scheme.
  • View driver, firmware version, and controller ID information for your steering wheel.
  • Enable or disable all version 4.0 schemes.


  • Test the steering wheel and pedals to see if they're working correctly.
  • See how a programmed game action will work in your game.


  • Program game actions for a scheme, and assign them to steering wheel buttons and triggers.
  • Make changes to recorded game actions.


The first area (shown below) is where you can test out the wheel to make sure it is working right, you can try out the pedals, wheel and buttons,

racing_wheel4.jpg (41390 bytes)

The next bit (Image below) is where you can change a few of the wheels settings such as Dead Zone, Sensitivity and pedal set up.

racing_wheel5.jpg (30815 bytes)

Finally we have the area where you can change the wheels schemes for certain racing games. You can create your own schemes by entering the recorder area of the SideWinder 4.0 device software.

racing_wheel6.jpg (37963 bytes)


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