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Product: Microsoft Internet Keyboard
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: $29.95
Review By: Robert Stein


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Setup & Installation
3: Supported Software
4: Conclusion

As if our lives weren't easy enough, Microsoft has just made our lives a tad bit easier. With the Introduction of the new Internet Keyboard, browsing the Internet has been made quicker, more efficient, and more relaxing. Now, get one-touch access to the Internet, your e-mail and more. With its customizable Hot Keys and powerful IntelliType Pro software, the Internet Keyboard gives you a high-quality design with the tools and easy web access to help you work efficiently. With a detachable palm rest, a zero-degree slope for a relaxed wrist position and posture, and a high quality key switch for quick and consistent action, the Internet Keyboard promotes a comfortable typing position. 

Features and Functions with Internet Keyboard

  • Internet Hot Keys - Get online access with the push of a button, then easily browse the Internet - right from your keyboard.
  • E-mail Hot Key - Open your e-mail program to check messages with a single keystroke.
  • Custom Hot Keys - My Computer and Calculator Keys gives you quick access to these popular Windows features. Or, IntelliType Pro software enables you to customize these hot Keys to launch your favorite programs, documents, or Web sites.
  • Sleep Hot Key - The Sleep Hot Key suspends your PC and lets you resume work later - without having to restart your computer.
  • Detachable Palm Rest - Use the palm rest to rest your palms or hands while not typing.
  • Control Key Shortcut Labels - Never forget shortcut key combinations again. Common CRTL -key shortcut for tasks such as Cut, Copy, and paste are clearly labeled for easy use.

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