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Product: Illustrator 8.01
Company: Adobe Systems
Estimated Street Price: $379.00 Upgrade: $119.00
Review By: Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Setup & Installation
3: Features
4: Compatibility
5: Conclusion

Adobe was created in 1982 with the aim to provide Mac users with high-end graphic professional software. Adobe is well known for its high quality professional products that are, most of the time, ‘Best-Seller’ like PhotoShop. Adobe is a giant (the second worldwide office software seller), which often releases great and innovative programs. Even if Adobe progressively made software for the Windows world they kept the ‘Mac’ touch/mind. That’s why generally Adobe software is so simple to use. And Mac users aren’t disrupted when they use Adobe software on PC. Indeed Adobe software is used by a lot of graphic users such as webmasters, printers, advertising persons, etc. Adobe Illustrator 8 allows users to express freely their ideas and their creativity with high quality illustrations conceived for professional printing or even Web sites in a few mouse clicks. The Illustrator 8 domain of use is vast: it’s intended to be used for ads, covers, logos, complex illustrations, graphics, charts, funny web pictures, boxes, stickers, packaging, and much more. In fact Illustrator 8 is so powerful that you can use it to draw exactly what you’re thinking about.

  • First-class integration with Adobe’s professional graphics programs. Adobe Illustrator 8.0 works beautifully with Adobe Photoshop® 5.0, Adobe PageMaker® 6.5, Adobe ImageReady™ 1.0, Adobe Premiere® 5.0, and other Adobe software, sharing common tools, commands, palettes, and other interface elements. Together this family of products supports a wide range of design tasks from preparing high-quality print pages to creating animated GIF files for the Web to producing professional videos. Strong integration makes it easier for users to learn each product and move among them to accomplish their work. Adobe Illustrator 8.0 rounds out its integration benefits by working smoothly with other popular tools, such as Microsoft® Office, as well as with the latest Windows and Macintosh operating systems. 
  • Exciting new productivity tools. Adobe Illustrator 8.0 also delivers new productivity tools that help users work faster to meet deadlines without sacrificing the high-quality results they require. These tools range from the Actions palette, which offers preset actions for quickly performing common illustration tasks, to the new Navigator palette, which makes it a snap to zoom in and out of complex illustrations.
  • Creativity tools that promise to delight users. Adobe Illustrator 8.0 introduces a number of innovative features that help users better express their creativity. These innovations include a range of brush tools for easily drawing graphics along editable paths and the gradient mesh tool for blending multiple colors in multiple directions at once. The gradient mesh tool offers a unique approach to creating more natural nuances of color and shading.
  • Accessibility features that better support all users. Accessibility matters to all users, whether they’re business graphics users or high-end designers. That’s why Adobe Illustrator 8.0 offers several features that make the program easier and more intuitive to use. The revised pencil tool lets users sketch and modify graphics on-screen as easily as they draw with a pencil on paper. Adobe Illustrator 8.0 also presents a new approach to resizing graphics that works similarly to PageMaker, Microsoft Word, and other programs.


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