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Product: Adobe Photoshop 5.5
Company: Adobe
Estimated Street Price: Full Version $609 (Reviewed) - Upgrade $129 (after rebate) to owners of both Photoshop 5.0 and ImageReady 1.0, and $199 (after rebate) to owners of 4.0 and previous versions of Photoshop
Review By: Clifford Palmer, Jr


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Installation
3: Image Editing
4: Web Design
5: Photoshop: For Serious Designs Only
6: Conclusion

Photoshop installs quickly and easily.  The normal InstallShield installs Photoshop without a hitch, taking about 86.3mb of hard drive space under a “Typical” install (which also happens to be the full install).  Photoshop has swelled a little in size from it’s predecessors, up from about 27mb in Photoshop 4.0 and 60mb in Photoshop 5.0.  I’m assuming that most of the increase is do to the new addition of Adobe ImageReady 2.0 into the Photoshop package.  The only small irritant of the install is that it requires you to enter the standard license key, which is included with the CD, but after that, it’s smooth sailing.

Setup of Photoshop creates a folder in your Start Menu containing items for Photoshop 5.5, ImageReady 2.0, a ReadMe, a registration tool, and an Uninstaller.  Pretty standard stuff here, although I was a little surprised to see that ImageReady was a separate executable.  I had expected the two to be integrated fairly tightly together.

The first time you run Photoshop, the Adobe Gamma applet appears, allowing you to change the color and gamma settings on your monitor, so that you can match your printout colors to the screen.  Since I mainly use Photoshop to do Web Design, I just chose “Web Pages” for my primary output and continued on.  Photoshop also installs an “Adobe Gamma” applet to the control panel so that you can edit these settings later on.

The Adobe Gamma Window in the control panel 31kb


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