Accessibility Tips

Setting Up Your Keyboard

Click on the Accessibility Options icon on your Control Panel. On the Keyboard tab, you will see some certain settings. This settings might not be just for those who are having trouble using the keyboard only. You can also use it to benefit you for better performance.


Say that you have trouble pressing several keys at once such as the Ctrl, Shift, or Alt keys. Use this option for your convenience. You can set it to display StickyKey on status too.


If you want Windows to ignore the brief delay or repeated keystrokes. This can prevent you from accidentally repeating the same keystroke. Or better still, you can make you PC beep when it accepted your keystroke.


Some of you sometimes pressed the Caps Lock key when you actually want to use the Tab key without realizing it. To prevent this from happening, use ToggelKeys to make your PC beep when you press the Caps Lock, Num Lock or Scroll Lock keys.


Click on the Mouse tab. MouseKey is useful for laptops or people with difficulty with the mouse, you can use the numeric pad to control the cursor. But it can be really useful when it comes to imaging programs where you want to move exactly just a few pixels. The MouseKey is one of our favorites.

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Accessibility Tips 4

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