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Almost nothing has changed in the Windows 98 version of Scandisk, but there's at least one potentially critical difference. If you turn off or reboot your system without going through the Shut Down procedure, Scandisk will not only run automatically the next time you boot up--the same as it does in Windows 95 OSR2--but it will run without stopping (unless you stop it) or waiting for your input. This means you can use Windows 98 for applications such as unattended communications using a remote-operations program like Carbon Copy or PCAnywhere. If the system shuts down for any reason--because of a momentary power failure, for example--it will reboot without waiting for the okay to run Scandisk. If you're at your computer when it reboots, you can skip Scandisk, if you prefer. Simply choose the Exit button on the Scandisk screen.

Decoding - New Scandisk option

One other change you'll notice is a new choice in the Advanced Options dialog box. To run Scandisk manually, choose Start|Programs|Accessories|System Tools|ScanDisk, then choose the Advanced button to view the advanced options. The one new choice is the less-than-self-explanatory "Report MS-DOS mode name length errors." This refers to the 8.3-format filename you'll see if you're in DOS mode or a DOS window. Win 95 and Win 98 save each filename in both a long format and the 8.3 format. This option tells Scandisk to check the 8.3-format version of the name.

Cleaning and Tuning Tips 4
Cleaning and Tuning Tips 4

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Cleaning and Tuning Tips 6


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