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Cleaning And Tuning Tips

Maintenance Wizard

With all the utilities in Windows 98 to help you tune up your system, remembering to run them can be a chore. You'll want to take advantage of the Windows Maintenance Wizard to automate the task. To open this wizard, choose Start|Programs|Accessories|System Tools|Windows Maintenance. To let the wizard walk you though the steps to customize the tune-up, choose "Change my tune-up settings or schedule" (you won't get this option the first time you run the wizard; you'll go directly to the next step). In the resulting dialog, you must select either the Express or Custom setup option. Unless you're in a big hurry, Custom is the better choice, because it gives you much more control over the details.

In addition to scheduling tune-ups for your system, you can use the Windows Maintenance Wizard to force an immediate tune-up. Choose Start|Programs|Accessories|System Tools|Windows Maintenance, select "Tune up my computer now," and click OK.

Cleaning and Tuning Tips 5
Cleaning and Tuning Tips 5

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Cleaning and Tuning Tips 7


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