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Screen Capture Under DOS

We found out that you can screen capture under DOS like Windows applications. First, use Alt+Enter to change the DOS session from full-screen to window mode. Next, click on the Mark button. Highlight the entire screen and click on Edit/Copy. Paste it on Wordpad or Paint

Some DOS applications will not work properly if set under window mode. We noticed that the Printscreen key should work under most DOS applications. The bade side is that you will have to exit the application first and go back to Windows before you can paste it anywhere. So, dealing with multiple screenshots can be quite a chore.

But there are some games or DOS apps that won't accept the Printscreen key but they do have their own screen capture key combination. Check your manual or Readme.txt for this key combination. The image should usually be under PCX format.

And remember, you MUST return to Windows without restarting to paste it. If you should restart, all contents on the Clipboard will be gone since they are stored in your PC's memory.

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