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Running Shortcuts Under DOS

Shortcuts under Windows has been quite a convenience. However, running shortcuts under DOS Prompt can be quite a chore. Now the first thing we need to do is know how to do it.

If you create a shortcut to a folder named "mystuff" on your desktop. To run this shortcut, we need to type:

C:\Windows\Desktop\>start mystuff.lnk

The .lnk is the extension for shortcuts. Now if we want to run a shortcut to a program say "wintips.lnk". Just type

C:\Windows\Desktop\>start wintips.lnk

Now the problem arouses when you have multiple shortcuts with the same name. Of course under the same directory, Windows won't allow you to put up the same file names. But under the C:\Windows directory where there a plenty of subfolders, the filename may be a bit mixed up. To fully identify the shortcut, we will need the extension of the original file. In this case, we will have to type

C:\Windows\Desktop\start ie.exe.lnk

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