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Copying/Extracting From .CAB Files

Windows 98 comes with its own .CAB files viewer, unlike Windows 95 which requires the CAB viewer that comes with Microsoft Powertoys for Windows 95. CAB files, ( short form of "cabinet") are Microsoft's way of folder compression.

All Windows and Plus! system files are stored in .CAB files. Which means if you need a fresh copy of a corrupted system file, extracting from the CAB files is the best bet. Now for the question, how do we know which CAB file is containing the right file? The answer - search. But wait a minute. The Windows CD contains about 50 over CAB files. It is very easy to miss it especially there are so many files under the compressed folder.

But there is a sneaky way to do this. Click on the Start button and select Find. Select the Win95/98 folder on the CD-ROM. Now open the Tools menu, select Find\Files or Folders and type *.CAB in the Named box on the Name & Location tab. Now click on the Advanced tab, type the name of the file you want in the Containing Text box and click on the Find Now button.

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Windows Explorer Tips 14

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