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The Full Screen option under Internet Explorer is such a favorite feature for most of us. It eliminates all unnecessary toolbars and gives you rel-time full screen browsing. But, won't it be better if we can use Full Screen mode under Windows Explorer itself?

We have discuss how tightly the Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer are integrated. We all know very well that there is no Full Screen button on Windows Explorer or any folder window. However, there is an undocumented way to put Windows Explorer into full screen. First, we know that there is another way to activate the Full Screen mode - the F11 key. Now try it on explorer - hey, it just works! Press it again to restore it back to the Window mode. We realized that this don't just work on Windows Explorer, it will work on all folder windows.

All the Explorer Bars will slide off when you are not using the, under Full Screen mode. It station them, press the push-pin button. The full screen Explorer mode has proven to be rather useful if you are browsing a bit folder or you are using a low screen resolution.

explorer_tip15.gif (17418 bytes)
Does this looks familiar?

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