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Switching Between Browsing & The Internet

Many of you might not notice this but the Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer has been bonded as one. The proof? The next time Windows Explorer comes up with and Illegal Operation error, all instances of Internet Explorer windows will close as well.

One of the coolest things to do with the Address Bar is, you can be browsing your folders and when you feel like it, type in an Internet URL, Dial-up Networking will appear and Windows Explorer will "morph" to Internet Explorer. Awesome! And you will also find that browsing between folders and the Internet is fully supported by the Back and Next buttons. That means, if you opened Windows Explorer and then typed a URL and switched to IE, clicking on the Back button will bring you back to Windows Explorer with the last folder you opened.

Because Windows Explorer and IE are one, the arrangement of your toolbars will also affect each other. How you arrange the toolbars under IE will look the same under Windows Explorer. The only difference is, if you are browsing through folders, windows will put up a "Windows" logo on the top right corner. When you switch to IE, the logo will change to the "IE" logo. That way, you will know where you are.

Online & Offline

On nice thing about the new IE is that it will notify you where you are. If you are browsing HTML files in your hard drive, Explorer will put a My Computer icon on the right side of the status bar. Go into a secure zone and a "lock" icon will appear. This is useful to know where you are. If you are using a HTML file in your hard drive using frames but one of the frames are actually an online page, Explorer will notify you by placing a My Computer icon with the words "Mixed" beside it.

Browsing Files and the Internet Together

Okay, so the single Window option don't give you much flexibility when it comes to browsing folders and the Internet at the same time. So, try using Explorer instead. On the left pane of Explorer, click on the Internet Explorer. Hey, you now got the Internet inside Windows Explorer. To switch to real-time Internet Explorer mode, just close the All Folders toolbar. But the toolbar itself has more tricks under its sleeve. Browsing the Internet with Windows Explorer gives you the option to navigate pages just like files on the left frame. This is better than the Back & Next buttons. Very useful for framed sites because it actually shows the file in the frames. Useful isn't it?

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Windows Explorer Tips 4

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