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Creating A Hidden Directory

It's amazing how useful this trick is. You have a private directory and you want it hidden to keep off snoopers. The Hidden attribute under Explorer is no use because people can use View|Folder Options|View hidden files easily.

But there is a solution to this. Go to MS DOS Prompt and type

MD name Alt+255

By holding down the Alt key while typing 255 (numeric pad only) you will create an character that looks like an empty space. That means, your filename must not be more than 7 characters since Alt+255 already took up one. The next time anybody types the DIR command, they can see the directory but to access it, you must type Alt+255 behind the filename. Without that, you will get an error message. With Windows Explorer, you can't even open the directory because you will get a "Folder does not exist" error. So much for security!

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Windows Explorer Tips 5

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