Windows Explorer Tips

Browsing With The Address Bar

The URL bar is quite useful if you are willing to type fast instead of clicking on an endless list of folders. To turn this feature on, all you need to do is click on the View, Toolbar, Address Bar. You can now move around with typing like DOS but in Windows environment of course, Instead of just typing the folder path, you can actually launch programs by typing their full path just like the Run command. Note too that you can use the .. command to move up one level. For multiple levels, use the ../../ with each ../ for a parent folder.

Search For Files With Auto-Complete

Looking for files under big folders like the C:\Windows\System\ folder can be quite a headache. But it would be simpler if you have the Auto-Complete feature turned on. Type the first few letters and Windows will complete the filename with the best matching selection. Works better and more efficient than the Search option on single files.

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Windows Explorer Tips 7

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