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Utilizing The Send To Menu

One of the coolest things you can do with Windows is the Send To menu. You can add shortcuts to the Send To menu and if you have a unknown file format, you don't have to search for the application to open it up. Just right-click the item and select Send To | Application. It is that simple. To customize the Send To menu, go to c:\window\sendto directory and start creating shortcuts to your frequently used applications. Once it is done, you can now right-click any unknown file and open them without further trouble.

You can also add items to the Send To menu without opening up Explorer! Create a shortcut on the desktop to your Send To directory. Dump this shortcut in the Send To directory itself. Name this shortcut Add to Menu. The next time you want to add an item to the Send To menu, right-click select Send To | Add to Menu add the item will automatically be added!

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Windows Explorer Tips 6

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