Registry Editing Tips

Make DLL Files Show Their Own Icons

If you find the generic Control Panel Applets or DLL old icon with the two gears boring, something can be done.

Fire up your registry editor and go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\cplfile\DefaultIcon. Change the default string value to %1. This for Control Panel icons. For DLLs, go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\dllfile\DefaultIcon and change the default string value to %1.

The next time you take a look at your C:\Windows\System directory, you will see that old icon with the two gears, any DLLs and Control Panel applets (CPLs) that contain even one icon will show something more interesting--the first icon they contain. The only drawback is that DLLs and CPLs that do not contain icons are represented by the "unknown type" icon. But you might just think it is worth it.

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