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Copying The CD In To Your Hard Drive

Although it may take some time to copy, it will definitely speed up the setup process dramatically. Because the setup actually copying while extracting .CAB files, copying the entire directory into your hard drive will improve the setup process.

Second, you won't have to bother with inserting the CD when you need to Add/Remove Windows components. Of course you will benefit from not needing to bother with Add New Hardware as well. The drivers or system files are easily accessible from the hard drive. That will save plenty of time from flipping from the Windows 98 CD with your new hardware driver CD.

But on top of all, it will be very useful to solve fatal errors. When you encounter an error and can't log normally into Windows, you need to use the Safe Mode option. But unfortunately, the safe mode won't have your CD ROM drive accessible. Now this really sucks when you really need to re-install Windows. Copying you files into your hard drive will solve this problem.

So, if you really have enough space to spare, don't hesitate to copy Windows 98 into your hard drive.

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Setup Tips 1

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